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Zeitgeist and the Climate Change

Posted by on Jan 15, 2011 in Ecology | 39 comments

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The Germans have a beautiful language, although it isn’t very melodic. But some things can only be expressed in German. Just to name a few; Ersatz, Doppelgänger, Hinterland, Kindergarten and, at last but not least, Zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist links two words to a new one and gets a different meaning. Zeit means time and Geist means Spirit. Therefore the meaning of Zeitgeist could be translated as the spirit of the time or, rather, era. 

As such a Zeitgeist does not exist. What is the spirit of the time? The term is subject to philosophical contemplation. The definition, as used here, is a simple one. Every time span in history is determined by a certain spirit. Every era has it’s own technology, culture, fashion, economic system and politics. More often than not, the Zeitgeist also dictates wars. That is because the Zeitgeist is immanent in the situation and in the minds of the people and their political leaders. 

But every epoch comes to an end and with the changes also the Zeitgeist should change. This is a difficult state of transition. The inertia in the minds of the masses causes the difficulties. Just as it happens now, the Zeitgeist and the ability of us humans to live up to the dictate of the Climate Change is not really synchronized. The gap between knowing and actually doing what is necessity is wide open. That the climate is dynamic and might change to the disadvantage is acknowledged and as a solution Sustainability is preached. The evolution of a sustainable model is still at the beginning. And the implementation of it is still only a declaration of intent for a society in future. 

As though time is not running out! 

The contrary is the case. Time is running out. Around the middle of this century world population will amount to 9 billion ( people. All the while the climate, with all the implications, is changing and our social scientists and politicians treat the combined problems as an intellectual exercise. The problem could easily be solved if we would be able to synchronize the foundings of physics and society. This would define the proper Zeitgeist of today and the near future. Modern physics talks about Nanotechnology, tiny machines in a microscopic scale. Quantum mechanics applies a slightly different kind of logic in order to understand the level of existence below the atomic level. The Chaostheory is the mathematical model for the diversity, which is life itself. All this models could serve as models for a sustainable society. 

This would be the proper Zeitgeist of today! 

This website, Nesseq, already offers some ideas what could be done. These ideas are by no means exhaustive. There must be more ideas floating around in the world. Everyone of us just have to look out for it and learn to think outside the box. Not to think in the Zeitgeist of yesterday but of today and tomorrow!

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  1. Ernie Tocchio

    Moreover the chemicals used to make plastic many of which are toxic can leach out. Research is showing that chemicals absorbed by the plastic are transferred to the fish.

  2. Josh

    Useful info, VERY. Lucky me I found your web site by accident, i like your ideas about the climate change and how we can make this world better, and I’m stunned why this twist of fate did not took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  3. Björn N.

    My name is Björn, and i read here in this article (Zeitgeist and the Climate Change) that you are an expert in the German language, I want to share with you something and if you can help this will make you a rich, very very rich.

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    And that’s not all. In April 1945, the Wehrmacht armed forces and officials of the Reichsbank approved a plan to store at least part of the reserves of the German Reichsbank at Einsiedl, a small town on the southwest shore of Lake Walchen. Much of these assets were handed over to the Allies, but around 100 gold bars, sacks of dollars and Swiss francs and possibly even more hoards went missing.

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    • Max

      Hello Bjorn,
      thanks for your mail but I don’t think that I am the right person for your endeavor. If there is some Nazi gold I think the German government has the rights for it. Anyway I am not a Indiana Jones type of a guy.
      Good luck,

      • Diane Wright

        However MAX, another German media reports, Merkel was eavesdropping encryption is the official mobile phone britain has the world’s best banking system , but also the rich , but who do not want to make quick money??

        Development priorities ,” the result is that structural defects deteriorate into “British disease” , in its winding down , once ruled the Earth’s land 1/ 4 area of the empire finally collapsed, and was forced to hand over the “first world factory ” status, until the 1970s , ” British disease ” is still plaguing the United Kingdom.?? revolutionary design solutions forced to embark on the road to the UK welfare state was the first industrialized country, is the earliest workers’ movement in the country??

        his book advantages rigorous, solid, but emphasis on the economic interpretation, combined with others less??

        so, what this have to do with your Zeitgeist and the Climate Change ?? nothing !! right

        • Max

          Wow Diane,
          that’s quite a comment. I really don’t know what the connection is, but I do appreciate your comment. If you could elaborate so me and the other readers could get the whole picture, that would be nice. It’s up to you.
          Thanks a lot and all the best,

  4. Gretta Battisti

    Awsome blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  5. Allyn Fajardo

    Can you email me with a few tips about how you made your site look this awesome , I’d be appreciative.

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Allyn,
      the only thing I can tell you is, that I use WordPress as a CML and the theme is Polished. All else you will have to fugure out for yourself.
      All the best,

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    You make a lot of good points on this blog. Keep up the great work.

  7. 社会保険労務士

    Thank you very much for your post! I am very interested in your points.

  8. Fabiana

    Your Article is Fantastic, i have posted your article on my site, and i gave you a full credit with a link to your website.

    Thank you Dr. Max.


    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Fabiana,
      thank you very much. I really appreciate what you have done for me. Although, I have to clear up one point. I’m not a doctor of any sort. I keep telling it to my readers, but still some of them call me so. So one more time, I don’t have any titles.
      Thanks again,

    • Antonia

      Interesting conundrum. I feel that the subejct of a story – what I call in my private language the ‘about-ness’ of a story is the biggest mirage. People are always saying things like ‘Wizard stories are big now’ – ‘The hot topic is teenage secret agents’ – ‘It’s vampires’ – ‘It’s dark fairies’ etc. No. It is, and it has always been, how well the story is told. I realised this very late, in my teens, when I was reading piles of fantasy and wondering why it didn’t move me as Tolkien had done. Then I stumbled into other genres and realised that genre meant nothing to me: only the story and the characters could decide whether I liked it or not. Who cares if it’s a wand, a sonic screwdriver or a ballpoint pen? The story is the thing, always the story.

  9. George

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  10. Bryan Northe

    Hey Max, This article was extremely motivating, particularly since I was browsing for thoughts on Climate Change last couple of days.

    I am happy to find your site, keep writing the goodies.

    • Bryan Northe

      I have to take this comment back, i was wrong about it, after spending some time investigating and reading what others have to say about you, i take my words back.

  11. Dave

    Dr. Max you are simply …… genius exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, and originality.

    Please teach me to be just like you, what is the stems that i need to take in my life.

    I need your advice so i can be genius like you.


    • Nancy Jensky

      I dont think that he is a doctor !!

      Mr. Max, could please let us know what kind of DR. you are ? unviersity, work, office, and etc.

      I mean i see DR. sign every where, but are you really one ?

      • Admin (Max)

        Dear Nancy,
        I never said I am a doctor. People just call me Doctor Max and some even call me Sir Max.
        I am neither and I never sign with DR. or any other title. It’s only either Max or Max Nadel, nothing else.
        Thank you very much,

  12. Beijing

    What are you afraid that i know you are stealing Dr. Max Nadel work ??

  13. Beijing Girl

    I am waiting for your response you FAKE max nadel.

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Beijing Girl,
      rest assured, my name is really Max Nadel. Nothing I can do about it. I never claimed to be a doctor or anything like that.
      Again, rest assured, I don’t steal anything from anyone, I don’t need to. All the ideas introduced in this website are my original ideas. The same with the posts. I do not copy and paste from other authors. So I really don’t know what it is that you want from me.
      Still I wish you all the best,
      Max Nadel
      (without a doctor!)

      • Alex

        everybody is start to know who you are really ????? yes mister cowboy, you imposter, and cheap very one.

        He steal the russiam method of TAVISKA, and change the name to totem, he even sell money and take donation to built totem, and even he can’t create real totem, he steal only russian ideas and name it american totem idea.

        he is no doctor, you see he admit now say i am no doctor, he is theif steal other work to himself.

        he have no proof that totem is even real, only sketch and draw stole from the russian TAVISKA.

        I am writing long article about you in my russuan blog, american cowboy you dont mee the russian BEAR.

        • Admin (Max)

          Alex, Alex,
          forget about it. You tried it a couple of month ago and it did not work. I did not steal anything from anyone. If you think I did go and sue me! If you don’t do this, please refrain from posting nonsense comments. And don’t even think of black mailing me!
          MAX NADEL

          • Bryan Northe

            This is not my business, i think you are a good writter, but with all due respect stealing other’s work and ideas with only changing the name is not a nice thing to do.

            I don’t think this is a nonsense comment, i search your site and i can’t find anything real regarding the system you call it totem, from what i understand this is an idea with no scientific base or prove.

            This is all OK, not all ideas have to work in real life, but taking others ideas and claiming that it’s yours, then this become a different story.

            I don’t think that i should visit your site again.

          • Admin (Max)

            Dear Bryan,
            I did not steal any ideas from anyone.
            On the one hand you write I am a good writer and on the other hand you say I steal other peoples work and ideas. Would you please name the people involved so that I can get in touch with them. If I find like minded perhaps the TOTEM System will be built soon.
            There is no need for a scientific prove that the TOTEM System works, since all the single units already work independently. So why shouldn’t they work as an ensemble?
            All the best,

          • Bryan Northe

            Just a thought : why you say “There is no need for a scientific prove that the TOTEM System works”

            Prove your ideas and stop selling PS to people.

          • Admin (Max)

            stop calling me a liar and thieve. You do that and you will have to prove it. Otherwise it is slander. Do not rely on what others say. They also did not name the people I allegedlly stole from!
            And the TOTEM System does not have to be scientifically proven because all single units already exist! They all work and the principle applied are simple physics. But I wish I could build a model but I don’t have the money. So it will still take some time.
            I’m sorry you don’t want to visit my website again, so all the best to you.

          • Bryan Northe

            One more thing, the buttom line : you are lier, and your ideas is even stolen from others and you can’t even make it work.

      • evangelia

        fake are you mr. bryansky!

  14. Beijing Girl

    Whatever you call your self Dr. Max Nadel.

    It is nice that you wrote about this. I found you on google and I had been looking for info about this. but i have read this in some other site and this is written by the real Dr. Max Nadel, and i think you are stealing other articles and you are claiming that you are Dr. Max Nadel.

    It’s very clear that you are imposter, and i will make sure that Max Nadel will find about you.

  15. John J. Berger

    Dr. Max,

    Whereas forests are declining due to the effects of climate change, forests globally have the potential to reduce climate change. Through photosynthesis, healthy forests contribute oxygen to the atmosphere and remove carbon dioxide by storing carbon in plant tissue.

    This lowers the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Decadent or dormant forests, however, release carbon. As aspen groves die, they stop taking up carbon and release the carbon they had stored.

    Forests, of course, can also affect climate locally and regionally by releasing moisture. Tree roots withdraw water from the soil for transport up the stem or trunk to the leaves where the moisture evaporates. The increased atmospheric humidity can reduce or prevent drought.

    Trees can also extract moisture from the air by their contact with low fog, causing it to condense on leaf surfaces and drip to the ground, where it can add substantially to total annual precipitation. Trees also moderate local temperature extremes and wind velocities.

    Aspen trees, like most forests, provide a rich habitat for many different plant and animal species. The grasses that sprout under aspen groves help slow runoff, hold soil, reduce erosion, and encourage infiltration of water into the ground, which is important for making water available to nearby metropolitan areas.

    Therefore, the decline of the aspen in the American West means not only a loss of scenic beauty, ecological vitality, and municipal water supply, but is a harbinger of the pervasive forest loss that climate change will bring to much of the American West and Southwest.

    Dr. John J. Berger

  16. John J. Berger

    global climate change as the primary cause of Sudden Aspen Decline, which has been sweeping through forests of the American West in recent years. Rising temperatures and increased drought conditions-both attributed in part to global warming-have increased populations of insects, such as the aspen bark beetle and aspen leaf miner, to which aspens are highly vulnerable. SAD has ravaged aspen groves in Colorado and elsewhere, significantly transforming the landscape.

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