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Young and Angry

Posted by on May 6, 2017 in Featured, Kids of the World | 0 comments

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Kids at SunsetIf I were a young man, I would be really angry with my parents’ and grandparents’ generations. In other words, your peers.

“What are you doing to my future?” I would shout at them, the grown-ups; the people in power. You are leaving me a mess. The climate is changing and the world population will grow from the 7.5 billion it stands at today to over 9 billion over the next 30 years with no solution for overpopulation in sight.

You might deny climate change but overpopulation is a very scary fact that’s not as easy to do away with. Some of you older folks in power deny climate change. Unfortunately (certainly for you – but for much more so for me since my generation will be the one “benefit” from the spoils you’re leaving behind) it’s a fact of life. You claim that global warming is a natural phenomenon the likes of the world has seen before and that it has nothing to do with human activity. You claim it’s a natural occurrence. But climate change statistics from the last half century prove you wrong!

You know what? It gets even scarier.

The last Ice Age just ended some 12,000 years ago. Before that, Earth experienced hotter periods. Like the era when CO2 had 400 parts per million. Today, we’ve almost reached this threshold! Scary, huh?!

You offer me a belief based on half facts influenced by the corporate world, but science tells me something entirely different. Even the Catholic Church doesn’t support your claims. And although I’m not a scientist, I believe pollution is the leading cause for climate change. Why? Because all the statistics from the past century say it is.

It doesn’t make sense to me that you’re investing billions of dollars (those are valuable resources that could be channeled towards things like healthcare and education, don’t you think?) on destroying forests and oceans while emitting CO2 into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Where will it get you?? The short-term profits are great, but by the time my generation actually gets to use some of what you leave behind, the world might not be here anymore for any of that to matter. It just doesn’t add up to me…

And just as a reminder, fossil fuel is what remained from plants that somehow got buried underground hundreds of millions of years ago. There the plants fermented under pressure and anaerobic. The CO2 we’re emitting into the atmosphere today is hundreds of millions of years old! It just doesn’t make sense to me that we’re destroying something so precious. If you just put a little more effort into conserving the world for me and future generations, you could do so much more good with that same CO2!

Also, oil is a limited resource. Eventually it will dry up. You keep burning it up by the millions of barrels every year, but there’s no way to generate new oil. You are depleting the Earth of its natural resources so that future generations will not have any when there’s not enough for them. It sounds crazy to me!

And while you’re so busy destroying the future, you seem to be stuck in the past. You still rely on the fuel of the 19th and 20th centuries. Wake up! It’s 2017 and counting. Don’t you think it is about time to develop the technologies appropriate for our times? But you’re too busy developing the newest nuclear and biological warfare. Why are you so obsessed with destroying the world? Isn’t it true that we were put here to take care of each other and our environment—not keep trying to put an end to it??

I’m not an expert. Just an angry kid finding out what you’re doing to my world; a world I still want to see and experience. But it really hurts me that while you’re the scientists, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and all kinds of other smart people who have the power to make the world I grow up in a safer, healthier place for me and my children, you keep doing the opposite. It just doesn’t make sense to me…

I was thinking…you say nuclear energy is the best thing for the energy sector, but then I researched it, and it doesn’t seem as safe for those who’ve died after getting poisonous gases dropped on them out of the sky (you know…Nagasaki, Fukushima, Chernobyl, and the millions who’ve died an agonizing death from the after effects of nuclear disasters).

What if a terrorist group gets its hands on a nuclear bomb? North Korea and Iran keep developing their nuclear programs. They’ll be blackmailing the world for years to come unless there’s a way to stop them, and if we attack them first, there’s no knowing what they might do to get even with us.

There’s fusion-produced energy which scientists haven’t figured out how to use yet, so I guess the only thing we can do is use nuclear energy that any crazy person can use to blow the world to smithereens. Sounds crazy to me, but since you’re the adults, I’m sure you’re right and I’m wrong…

Oh wait…isn’t that what kids my age believed when you decided to fight two wars that killed millions of people during the last century? Or when hundreds of millions starved to death in Mao’s Cultural Revolution or when Pol Pot decided to slaughter his own people? Or when you fought wars in Korea and Vietnam that left hundreds of thousands dead or scarred for life?

If you continue making your billions by destroying the most precious asset of all, what will my generation be left with? What good will all the money in your private accounts do if there’s no more world left to live in by the time I’m your age?

I keep trying to believe in you and tell myself that everything will be OK because you know best, but when I see what you’re doing to my world, I just can’t bring myself to trust you.

I’m just a kid, but I hope you listen to what I’m saying and save the world. I really do…

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