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You, me and the Climate Change!

Posted by on Mar 20, 2010 in Climate Change | 3 comments

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The web site Nesseq is about how to save Inherent Energy as can be seen in the TOTEM – Total Energy Modulation.

An important aspect is Self-Help in neighborhoods and towns.

The places where you live.

No one knows better than you what you need. No politician or business man.

If we all are told to save energy, then we shouldn’t the potentials of the Inherent Energy.

This is the energy which exists around us, some examples are shown in this website.

But it will remain theoty if you and I won’t make it happen.

As a first step an LGF – a Loan Guaranty Fund can be established in your town.

As a second step a Com-op – a Communal Co-operative can be established.

With those funds a lot of enterprises can be founded.

It all depends on you!

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  1. Eduardo Foste

    An execllent article with valid points, I have been a lurker here for a short time but wish to be more involved in the future.

  2. Sarah P.

    Of most concern in anthropogenic factors is the increase in CO2 levels due to emissions from fossil fuel combustion, followed by aerosols (particulate matter in the atmosphere) and cement manufacture. Other factors, including land use, ozone depletion, animal agriculture and deforestation, are also of concern in the roles they play – both separately and in conjunction with other factors – in affecting climate, microclimate, and measures of climate variables.

  3. Daniel Miskatiel

    Climate Change is one of the most important thing for us, the human race, i really like your site and your ideas, and wish you the very best with your work, good luck.

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