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Worst Case

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A Question or a Statement?

In another two and a half year we will be 1/5th into this century. There is almost no disagreement about the perils of Climate Change.
Let’s assume the deniers of Climate Change are right and it is not real, still humanity has to progress and use the technology for the 21. Century. Coal was the main energy source during the 19. Century. In the 20. it was replaced by oil. Both of them fossil fuel.

The 21. Century offers many more sources for energy. Solar and wind energy comes to mind. Hydrogen and Bio-gas are available but can’t compete with fossil fuel. One of the reasons fossil fuel is cheaper is, because the calculation does not consider the future cost of cleaning up the mess it causes. Another promising energy source could be Fusion energy. (1)
Scientist say it will be applicable around the year 2030.

First of all, I would say, don’t trust scientific predictions. Second of all, as a child I was told by my teacher, that at the turn of the century humanity will have an abundance of energy due to nuclear and fission technology. Alas, it didn’t come about still.

On the other hand, we can’t really stick our hands in the sand and believe the Climate Change deniers. Curiously most deniers do not outright deny climate change. They just deny it is caused by human activities.

To tell the truth, I would prefer Climate Change is caused by man. The solution would be a simple one. We would just have to change our way of life. If Climate Change is not caused by mankind than we could really be in serious troubles. And than we will have to find a new way of living. Whether we like it or not.

No one can that Climate Change will be just a little dent in the trajectory of the climate. By regarding the profound changes of climate through which earth went in its history, it is only prudent to be wary of disruptive changes.

The problem is, that the specter of Climate Change is known for decades and we have to ask ourselves, what took us so long to fight it? All what is proposed in the various international, and national, agreements are technocratic changes. Letters of intent and non- binding.
If we are serious about fighting Climate Change it is imperative to change our culture. We have to restore nature. This will cost a lot of money and there is no cash return to this measures.

If we fail to fight Climate Change, if we passed the point of no return, than we better get prepared for a worst-case scenario. A scenario even Hollywood can’t come up with!

And if Climate Change is not real, what have we got to lose?


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