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Why the TOTEM System will never be!

Posted by on Jun 26, 2010 in Totem | 11 comments

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The chances of the TOTEM System to become a reality all over the world are almost nil. Although the technologies involved are proven times and again to be sound and reliable.
Everyone of us suffers sometimes from attacks of a internal Bio-gas production, also known as Flatulence. Let me spare you the details, but the process is known to all of us and the Technology works just as well.
Steam technology has conquered the whole world. For about 150 years, from the 19. century until the middle of the 20. century it was the dominant technology.
Wind energy was already utilized in the 1. century, designed by the Greek engineer Heron of Alexandria.

Water Mills have been invented about the same time and are still used in Hydroelectric plants.

If all technologies of which the TOTEM System consists already exists, why aren’t they utilized in TOTEM Systems all over the wold?

The reasons, as far as I see it, are as follows:

  • The technologies already exist and therefore elaborate research and development is not necessary. That means some people are not earning money with it.
  • Science is not interested in already existing things. What is already known is behind us and our perspective is limited to the ahead.
  • The TOTEM System would revolutionize the existing infrastructure. Instead of one huge and centralized system every neighborhood would be sustainable and again some people wouldn’t earn as much money as they do now.

Money seems to be more important then to solve a problem!

All this shouldn’t worry the citizen who is concerned about the Climate Change. I the end money is just a means and the end is to solve a problem. If the TOTEM System would help to solve the problem of Climate Change, than the concerned citizen should help him/herself and start organizing a TOTEM System i the neighborhood!

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find money cannot be eaten.
Cree Prophecy

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  1. Michael

    Man, you are a failure and your totem is a failure and a lie, theories are waste of time, get a life dude and get real job

  2. Sarah

    Hello Dear Dr. Max,

    I wish i can be help in your totem system, but i live so far away, but what is the steps that you need to create a model ? what do you need exactly ? and why is it so hard to create small sample of how this will work. so many people have doubts of what you are trying to prove.

    p.s. your article is awesome, and i enjoy reading every new one.

    Pro/E Sarah D.

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Sarah,
      I have doubts, that if a model would work and would be shown it in a video clip in my web site, that people would believe it. Probably they would say it is a fake.
      Of course the TOTEM System would work, since all the single units work independently from each other already. The new thing about my concept is to incorporate all the existing technologies to one energy mix facility. The characteristics of our present culture is the separation of different technologies. That’s the sole difference!
      Right now, I just returned from the university, I try to find the right material to build a primitive and lean model.
      What you, and everyone else, can do is to go to your local high-schools and universities and convince the people there to build TOTEM Systems.
      Thank you very much and keep visiting my web site.

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    Thanks in advance for your help!

  4. Mike

    Your totem is a big failure because it’s based on theroy only, so dr max stop saying climate chAnge

    • wong

      paul mccartney compares global warming skeptiks to holocaust deniers. mike change your attitute!!!

  5. George Hans


    You keep trying to convince the world that your totem is the best thing for humanity. but seems like nobody gives a (damn). have you asked your self ….. WHY ?

    Why don’t you move on ??, or get a new idea ? cheaper one ? or a REAL idea that is working, not only in theory.

    Nobody is interesting in theories, they are so many around us, i mean libraries are full of theories.

    Create something that (basicly, actually) can work in real life.

    Good luck with your dreams (because they are still dreams), maybe they will come true, and maybe not (dreams not always come true).

    • Admin (Max)

      my dream is that people like you would have a dream too and would actually start fighting the Climate Change. Because if the Climate Change is, or will, happen we all should have been doing something about it long ago. And the TOTEM is only one thing which could be done. There are many more things everyone of us can do.

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