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What A Beautiful Day

Posted by on Feb 20, 2011 in Memos | 2 comments

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After a couple of cold days, full of rain and wind, the sun shines again. In the afternoon I took a walk on the shore. At such a day, Louis Armstrong (1) must have decided to record the song What a Wonderful World.

The sea is not as angry as it was just yesterday. Still the waves were quiet high and powerful.  

At the entrance of the old port, I leaned over the balustrade. The sun warmed my back and from the front it was windy and fresh. It was a glorious day. The arrival of spring was in the air.  

I looked across the ocean and saw ahead the horizon. As far away as the future. But this will be our future, or as Frank Zappa (2) called one of his songs: The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution. Although the composer had something else in his mind. But a solution must be found for the people who live in proximity to the sea shore. When the level of the seas will rise it will affect a big part of humanity. But why to breed negative predictions, on such a lovely day?  

Sailing boats and kite surfer halfway to the horizon enjoyed the power of the wind. Not far from the shore, a Kingfisher fluttered in a stationary orbit above the sea. A moment later it became a air-sea missile. A successful one at that. The bird had caught a fish and flew away, to hold his feast. Seagulls and cranes flew across the panorama.  A fish jumped up from the water and splashed back into the water. Did the fish catch the insect? 

Dusk was not far off.  

Something strange was floating in the surf. At first I thought it to be a dead animal and small fishes eating from it. It turned out to be a piece of plastic, with a short ropes. After scanning about 200-300 square meters of sea, I discovered other pieces of plastic, bottles and the remnants of shopping bags. All this, at a couple of square meters, multiplied with thousands of kilometer of shore line and the mass of plastic in the seven seas  is mind boggling.  

I went on paid more attention to the pier. Also there, lots of plastic in various sizes littered the place. Further south, beyond the port, new park was opened to the public. I was only 3 or 4 times here before. The beach was stony and covered with plastic debris and other trash. There was also the wheel of a car on the stones. The storm has spewed back at us.  

As much as I admire the courage of David de Rothschild (3) on the Plastiki

(4), what is this journey good for? To show us where all the plastic in the sea is concentrating? To build up awareness amongst the masses? Isn’t Mr. Rothschild underestimating the people? Everyone, at least in the 1.World knows, that it is mandatory to save energy and not to pollute nature. The next step would be to offer the people the chance to live the awareness. Where are the bins in public places, where the garbage can be separated? Nowhere in site. Here are the municipalities obligated to act! And if they do not do as expected, than we, the citizens, must pressure them to do it.  

The sheer mass of plastic floating in the seas and on the continents are dizzying and suffocating nature!


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