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Water Waste

Posted by on Apr 20, 2010 in Water | 21 comments

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Water is, after oxygen, the most important element without which life would not exist on this planet.

Without oxygen one survives a couple of minutes, without water only some days.

Although water is abundant only a small part is potable.

Still it is wasted as though there is no tomorrow.

While the world population will grow in the next 30-40 years by around 30%, from today 7 billion to 9 billion people the amount of potable water remains static.

If the climate will change the situation will even worsen. What is today potable water could be spoiled in such a way that it can’t be used for drinking.

The tips offered to the public how to save water are well meant but are they enough?

As long as the present infrastructure exists this is all we can do. Don’t let the water flow while washing dishes, shorten the time showering and so on.

But there is another way which we at Nesseq are proud to introduce to the public.

Perhaps the idea could be patented but in order to spread the idea faster we make it, as all our ideas, in this website public domain.

The technology, as usual, is a simple one. This specific idea is especially fit for countries in the global sunbelt.

The water circuit must be separated in potable water and water for different usage. The same must happen with the drainage. The water from the toilet goes to the water purification plant and the water from the kitchen and bathroom goes to a pool.

On the water floats a black dome. Because of the higher temperature inside the dome the water evaporate and flows to the roof of the building. There it turns to water again and can be used for the same tasks again. The water is distilled and not intended for drinking.

That way the water remains in a closed circuit. Possible losses can be counterbalanced by harvesting rain water.

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  13. Sigi H.

    Most water waste is caused by improper or inefficient landscape irrigation. Also typically, about a third of household water is used for flushing the WC. Greywater, the waste water from baths, showers and washbasins, can be collected in a household-scale reuse system and treated to a standard suitable for WC flushing.

  14. Ronny

    The water is a finite natural resource that must be conserved, it is limited and scarce in many places. Even if you live in an area with ample rainfall, using water uses energy to process it, pump it, heat it, pump it, and process it again.

    You can also buy a dual flush conversion kit to turn your water guzzling toilet into a water saver you can be proud of. Search the web for devices like Selectaflush and twoflush. They both work well and save money.

    bottom line : there is so many way we can do to save water and to stop this cliamte change problems.

    p.s. is your model is exist ? also great article and work dear Max.

  15. Beck

    The major aim of wastewater is to remove as much of the suspended solids as possible before the remaining water, called effluent, is discharged back to the environment. As solid material decays, it uses up oxygen, which is needed by the plants and animals living in the water.

  16. Dr. Patricia K.

    Hello Max, Let me add few points:

    It’s a matter of caring for our environment and for our own health. There are a lot of good reasons why keeping our water clean is an important priority.

    Clean water is critical to plants and animals that live in water. This is important to the fishing industry, sport fishing enthusiasts, and future generations. Our rivers and ocean waters teem with life that depends on shoreline, beaches and marshes. They are critical habitats for hundreds of species of fish and other aquatic life. Migratory water birds use the areas for resting and feeding.

    Water is a great playground for us all. The scenic and recreational values of our waters are reasons many people choose to live where they do. Visitors are drawn to water activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and picnicking. If it is not properly cleaned, water can carry disease.

    Since we live, work and play so close to water, harmful bacteria have to be removed to make water safe.

  17. Jessica

    Wastewater is used water. It includes substances such as human waste, food scraps, oils, soaps and chemicals. In homes, this includes water from sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers. Businesses and industries also contribute their share of used water that must be cleaned.

    Wastewater also includes storm runoff. Although some people assume that the rain that runs down the street during a storm is fairly clean, it isn’t. Harmful substances that wash off roads, parking lots, and rooftops can harm our rivers and lakes.

  18. Harvery R.

    Water is natures most effective solvent, and as such, along with wind and air, is the main transporter of the worlds pollutants.

  19. Adriane

    Saving water is very important issue, and must be taken seriously. i like the model presentation. good luck.


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