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Water Waste of Air Conditioner

Posted by on May 4, 2010 in Water | 5 comments

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The summer is approaching and in Tel Aviv the temperature is on the rise. In the summer month the air humidity reaches around 75-80 degrees.

It seems that every flat and shop has an Air Conditioner and they are working hard to make live comfortable.

Beside the fact of the energy demand and the potential use of harmful Greenhouse gases in the units, the condensing water is usually led with a plastic pipe to the side walk.

This is senseless waste of water!

How much would it cost to lead this water into the sewage? That shouldn’t be too expensive.

One of the big complains of the Israelis in the summer is not so much the heat but the Air Humidity. The condensed water of the air conditioners reduce the humidity and by releasing it onto the side walk it evaporates and is increases the humidity again. The water could be used more productively.

The picture on the right shows one more example.

The air conditioners are behind the gate.

Just look how far the water reaches!

And now multiply it with 1 million. The amount of water is staggering.

The figure 1million air conditioner is a low estimate. Alone in Israel are much more air conditioner. Also not in the reckoning are the air conditioner in cars.

With simple technical devices and little money the condensed water could be put to better uses!

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  1. Industrial Cleaning

    Being in the industrial cleaning myself I can totally understand this article and like how it’s been written. Many people assume that being in the waste insutry must be a awful job, but it isn’t all that terrible. We do have some better days than others though!

    • Admin (Max)

      Hi there,
      you are right, the work in the waste industry is not all that bad. I worked for almost three years as a garbage man. I learned, that this job should actually be called City Hygienist. Without the waste industry, we would have much more diseases.
      All the best and keep up the good work,

  2. Mike

    write something that really concern the world, to be honest with you, who cares or gives a damn about telaviv, or the aircondition water waste in telaviv or in israel or the whole middle east, i thought you blog has nice articles but seems its just a cover.

    i know its not a poltical site, but come on …. you care about water waste in telaviv aircondidtions and people starving and have no water 1 hour from you locked up in the biggest jail in the world, this is what i call : oh god, can’t find a name for this.

    • manx

      The whole point of the article was, to show with such a banal example how much water could be saved. If it happens in Tel Aviv it can happen any where!
      About the biggest jail you mention, the infrastructure there is almost non existent. This would be the right place to make villages self sufficient with the help of the TOTEM System. Do you know with whom to talk to?
      Max Nadel

  3. Patron O.

    Waste water from an air conditioner is safe to drink because chemically it’s fine because it’s only condensate (condensed water). However, it contains dirt from the air which is drawn over its coils, so I would not say it was fit to drink.

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