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Water and Energy Demand

Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Water | 1 comment

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Water (1) is such a everyday item that no one is really wasting any thought about it. It is simply taken for granted that it exists. And water does exist in abundance, just that the water for human consumption is only a miniscule fraction of all the water on earth. 

The situation will aggravate with the expected Global Population Growth (2) from now, about seven billion to nine billion people at the year 2050! The amount of potable water remains the same. Unless technology is utilized to process the water. Which means that energy must be utilized to do so. This is not a question of wanting to do or not. Water is not a luxury but is needed for survival. The United Nation  recognizes that access to clean water as a basic human right(3).

In order to process water to become potable a lot of energy will be needed. This is in stark contradiction to the declared goal to save energy. Still it has to be done! The problem is that even now a lot of energy is needed to process the water. The German news magazine Der Spiegel (4) reports, based on the research by Declan Conway and Sabrina Rothausen in, that alone in the USA about 5% of the Greenhouse Gas emission is caused by the water sector. A new concept must be found how to solve a progressive problem. The TOTEM System (6), as introduced by, could mitigate the problem considerably. For this to happen a change of mind must occur in the heads of the people and their leaders. It can’t be that water is becoming a economical commodity. The energy demand for bottling water and selling it on the international market is also very energy demanding. And it contradicts the declaration of the UN, that water is a human right! 

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