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Urban Planning and Climate Change

Posted by on Aug 6, 2010 in Climate Change | 3 comments

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Yet another flood hits the news! The flood in the North-West of Pakistan. A flood in a dimension unheard of in the last 80 years. More than 1000 people have died and many millions are affected. And this is not the only major flood in the year 2010!

Perhaps I am biased, but my personal gut feeling tells me the numbers of floods are accumulating and they are getting worse! Could this be the signs of Climate Change?

But not only floods are in the news lately. In Russia another incident of catastrophic proportions is happening – Wildfire.

Russia is known for its bitterly cold winters, but is now enduring its severest heatwave for decades. 48 people died. Russia is one of the major grain producer in the world and because of the dry summer and the wildfires the Grain Prices are soaring. What will a loaf of bread cost?

Every natural disaster jeopardizes the food supply. In the case of Russia it is felt globally, in the case of Pakistan it is only of local importance. Still people suffer!

Not just that, floods and earth quakes interrupt the supply of drink water and energy and the disposal of waste and sewage is usually impossible. Which is a possible source for diseases.

The problem lies in the system of centralization.  1 power plant, 1 water work, 1 sewage facility, 1 garbage disposal system service a whole area. And when the system breaks down, not just because of natural disasters, everything breaks down.

The solution would be to decentralize the system as it is shown by the TOTEM System.  With the decentralized system it is safe to assume, that in a case of natural disasters or by a belligerent attack not all the units will be affected. Because it is a network of cells, each cell could be build flood safe.

Because of  World Population Growth and in order to fight Climate Change, vast areas must be left to nature to revive itself, there is no alternative but to build the city of tomorrow vertically. As opposed to the present, where the city spreads out horizontally. Although in the center of the cities, where the prices for land is high sky scrapers are normal. Now the task is to provide all the people of the world with enough living space and this is the challenge of Urban Planning for the future.

A good example is the proposition of Farming in the Sky! But again it is only a proposition and except for the theory nothing exists yet. It is the same as with the TOTEM System. The difference being, that the TOTEM System is the proposition of one man, me Max Nadel of Nesseq, and the Farming in the Sky is the proposition of scientists from the Columbia University.

It is imperative to start building models now as long as  there is time to learn from the mistakes!

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