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TOTEM in the Artic

Posted by on Sep 12, 2010 in Totem | 33 comments

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Someone called Beck asks me on page Nesseq Mission, how to build a TOTEM System on the Arctic? He or she will be stationed there next year.

Question, the stations in the Arctic and the Antarctica don’t have a TOTEM System yet? The people on the poles are the scientific elite of the world and it did not occur to them to stop wasting energy every possible way?
Many people have asked me how to build a TOTEM System. Until now, I could not answer it, since I don’t know the Inherent Energy of a specific location. The poles are  completely different, this is the place with the least IE on earth. There the temperatures are so low, that they literally freezes almost all other Inherent Energies.

The most important task in every station to ward off the inhuman temperatures of the surroundings. The station in the icy desert must be as small and concentrated as possible in order to save energy. The station should resemble in many aspects a Space Station.
The Bio Gas Plant and the Hydro Energy facility should be located in a dome. All other units of the station should be build around it. There is no reason why the single units are all detached from each other. The solution is to build the single units on top of each other and around the TOTEM Dome. In the dome is the Biogas plant, the Steam engine and the Hydro energy facility. The surrounding units of the station enjoy the waste heat of the Biogas Plant and the Steam turbine. The roofs of the units are the base for the Water mills.

There are only two other natural IE available, Wind- and, partly, solar energy to support the inner part of the TOTEM System.
Another question is, whether the cold of the Arctic has IE and could it be utilized in the station? What chemical agent boils at this temperatures and can be used in a heat pump?

Mike as a reply to Beck claims that the TOTEM won’t work. Why wouldn’t it? Whoever would have thought by the invention of the Fire that this principle would allow a Combustion engine? There are two sorts of combustion engines, the Internal and External.

All the parts of which the TOTEM System consist exist already and work successfully independent. There is no reason, why the units should not work as an energy ensemble. What is new about the TOTEM System is, that all units work together and not independent and isolated as is common today!

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  10. Paris Herman

    We have to fight the Climate change in the artic, with projects as yours we can win this battle

    Global temperatures are expected to increase further during the 21st century. In the Arctic, this warming is expected to be substantially greater than the global average, and the following changes are expected over the current century :

    The average annual temperatures are projected to rise by 3 to 7 °C (5 to 13°F), with the greatest warming occurring in the winter months.

    Precipitation is projected to increase by roughly 20%.

    Sea ice is expected to continue to decline significantly, reflecting less solar radiation and thereby increasing regional and global warming.

    The area of Arctic land covered by snow is expected to decrease by 10 to 20%.

    These projections assume a gradual warming. However, abrupt and unexpected changes cannot be ruled out.

  11. Onada Pruiz

    Great Post Max, the Arctic region is home to almost four million people, including an increasing majority of non-indigenous settlers. The Arctic includes Greenland, Iceland, and the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Russia, and the United States.

    Economically, the region depends largely on natural resources, ranging from oil, gas, and metal ores to fish, reindeer and birds. Recently, the tourism sector has also grown in many parts of the Arctic.

    All the best for your Projects.

  12. Katie

    Arctic region is the area around the North Pole, essentially an ocean surrounded by land. In the far north, the Arctic is mostly covered by snow and ice, whereas the southernmost part is covered by boreal forests. In between, there is a wide expanse of tundra.

    The Arctic is home to an array of plants, animals, and people that survive in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet and that are uniquely adapted to such conditions. Climate change, pollution, and growing resource use are factors that put an increasing pressure on fragile Arctic populations and ecosystems.

  13. Larry

    Well naturally they do try and conserve energy up in the arctic, because there really is no reason to waste it! Check this article for instance:

    “Another question is, whether the cold of the Arctic has IE and could it be utilized in the station?”

    You are making a common high school science error here! There is no such thing as cold, it does not exist as an entity on its own. There is only heat, and lack of heat. The arctic does not possess “cold” as much as it possesses an extreme LACK of heat, which is not very good for any kind of energy process. Heat is energy, lack of heat is lack of energy. Molecules move much slower in extreme cold/lack of heat than they do when excited by heat.

    Still, solar energy is very possible on the arctic during summer months (winter months there is no sun there at all) and maybe somebody could find a way to make power out of the ice (melt it slowly and use the water for hydro electricity?)

    Your website is looking great Max! Oh and you should just delete the comments of that stupid Russian guy, he’s pulling your leg…

  14. Robyn Trousdale

    What a blogpost!! Very informative also easy to understand. Looking for more such posts!! Do you have a myspace or a facebook?
    I recommended it on digg. The only thing that it’s missing is a bit of new design. However thank you for this information.

  15. Ivan Kovsky

    EXUSE ME MISTER cowboy, this totem is a russian idea, and you cant steal it and say you are inventor of this, my father in siberia in north of yakutsk build big system and call it tavaiska 1 and tavaiska 2, you are taking and stealing ideas and name it with totim names, this is made of russia. you are from the WEST stealing our ideas and build it in alaska and artic settelments.

    • Admin (Max)

      Excuse me Mr. Kovsky,
      I did not steal any idea. I never heard from your father or from Tavaiska 1 or 2. The idea of the TOTEM System is so simple, every high school student could have come up with it.
      Anyway it is too late now, since the idea has become public domain. But if the Tavaika works, perhaps you could publish at Nesseq a report how they work. Some pictures would be nice too.
      Thank you very much,
      Max Nadel

      • Ivan Kovsky

        You cant take my father ideas and put them in public domain, this is not your property to you decide to make it free, my father created the tavaiska with hard work and great engenering ideas, and you are west cowboy steal it and call it totem, NOOO this is Tavaiska. and made in russra and belong to Kovsky great family in siberia.

        • Ivan Kovsky

          no high school student can built this Tavaiska, even yourself dont know how to build it, you say its idea and your idea, but our Tavaiska is very exist and living, you cant steal it from us.

          you want also pictures so you can see how is this is really work in real life, yes ? you dont know your self how to make it, you steal my family ideas and change names.

          i demand you to give full credit to your family and my father Vladimir Kovsky for the Tavaiska 1 and Tavaiska 2, you have to change the name to Totem (based on Tavaiska technology from russia).

          • Admin (Max)

            Mr Kovsky,
            if your father’s Tavaiska works you can show it to everyone. If you prove it works you will get full credit!
            But I can’t undo what has happened already. The TOTEM System is now public domain and belong to everyone! Unless your Tavaiska is protected by international patents.
            Max Nadel

          • Ivan Kovsky

            This will coast you much much, stealing our hard work Tavaiska 1 and 2 and taking money for this with donations like you are rescue the world and saver cowboy.

            when your site is removed and DMCA hunt you down, and courts internation will make theifs like you to be very sorry for stealing out russian bride and glory.

            i demand for forgive you 100,000$ and you must remove the totem and change the name to Tavaiska.

          • Egoli

            Climate models show that the rocudtien is related to the man-made global warming, which, due to the albedo effect, is particularly pronounced in the Arctic Climate models could tell us it is the Tooth Fairy melting all that ice, if we simply put her in the place of CO2 in those models.Ice melts. Big deal.

        • Admin (Max)

          Sorry Mr. Kovsky,
          the TOTEM System is solely my idea and I can do with it what I want. And public domain is what I wanted. That it is also the idea of your father is a coincidence, but there is nothing I can do about it. If you are holding patents for the Tavaiska please put them forward and I will have to decide what to do. But until then, please stop accusing me of being a criminal.
          thank you very much,
          Max Nadel

          • Ivan Kovsky

            YES MISTER COWBOY, i hold patent for our taviska, registerd in russian patents office


            Now what is your proof, are you a holder of our patent, who are you to pt it in public domain ??

            i am going to file specifil complain to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), first removal of your site from google search, for copyright infringement.

            and then find out who really you are and court you on russian land for this internation stealing of ideas. you cant hide from our russian justice.

          • Admin (Max)

            Do whatever you think you have to do. But it won’t change the fact, that the TOTEM System is only protected in Russia and in the rest of the world it is public domain. Please sue me in Russia.
            Thank you very much,
            Max Nadel

          • Ivan Kovsky

            i will sue you very hard your little cowboy theif with small gun, you now admit of stealing our Tavaiska.

            no copyrighted is everywhere, not only in russia, this is our Tavaiska and you not go away with out punishment.

    • Ivan Kovsky

      I know who you are, i found out all the information i need, you think you are smart, haha, we are from russia we are smartest in the world.

      this is your info:
      (private data erased by administrator. let’s keep some privacy.)
      Domain Name: NESSEQ.COM
      Created on: 18-Oct-08
      Expires on: 18-Oct-11
      Last Updated on: 19-Jun-09

      you cant hide from russian justice. not even in israel.

      • Admin (Max)

        Mr. Ivan Kovsky,
        you are free to sue me where ever you choose to do so. You got my contact address and I am waiting for a letter from your lawyer. What I would like to ask of you, please drop the menacing under tone of your comments. I did not steal any idea from anyone. If your father has build something similar to the TOTEM System, then this is a coincidence. The idea is a simple one, the physics involved are on high school level. The really important question is, why not more people came up with such ideas?
        Waiting for your reply,
        Max Nadel

    • Law Firm of Michael

      Hello Max, i am patent attorney from Australia, and i would like to give you a free advice, and i wanted to be here in public, so other can read.

      Mr. Ivan have no case or any legal base, so don’t worry, i am telling you this from years of experience, He is trying to squeeze money from you by anyway, and i think you should sue him to blackmailing.

      p.s. your site rocks, your articles are amazing, and your ideas and theories are fantastic.

  16. Nilsa Hendy

    Great, thanks for sharing this blog article.Much thanks again.

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