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The Times They Are a-Changin’

Posted by on Jul 22, 2010 in Ecology | 9 comments

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As already Bob Dylan sang in 1963 “The Times They Are a-Changin‘!”

Ever since the times were changing and are still changing like a wheel, which gathers speed.

We are living in times that change more often and in shorter time then in all of human history before. Once Knowledge doubled every couple of thousand years, then the Knowledge Doubling Curve increased. It is said, that until the 19. century knowledge doubled every century. Now at the 21. century knowledge doubles every couple of years.

And with all the knowledge it is promised, that life is better then before. But is this true? Is this really the best of all possible worlds?

No doubt, it is certainly not worse then in the past. But people are still starving in the world. Medicine grants us a longer life span, but still something as trivial as a common cold has no real remedy. Not to speak about more serious ailments.

All this is true in the so called developed countries. The situation in the poor countries is not as bright.

With all the knowledge, we don’t know how to distribute wealth equally amongst the nation. Although it can be assumed, that with a growing income the Birth Rate will be lowered. This might be the solution to the Global Population explosion.

With all the accumulated knowledge no one really knows whether the Climate is Changing and what the ramifications might be.

Perhaps it is not possible to know, but the slightest suspicion that it might be happening should send all of us into a frenzy to change this terrible possibility.

Cultural Change against Climate Change!

It is important to remark, that the people responsible for what is happening today in the USA and in Europe are those people who sang the song of Bob Dylan in their halcyon days of their youth.

But the times have certainly changed and on their march through the institution not the institutions have changed but the marcher.

All this is not terribly important, because if the Climate is Changing and humanity won’t find a way to stop or, at least, mitigate the Climate Change nature will do the changes. And this will not be good changes for humanity! For nature humanity will just be a failed trial of Evolution and it will get rid of us as it got rid of the Dinosaurs.

The theory, that the Dinosaurs became extinct as a result of the impact of a meteorite on earth is not knowledge! No one knows what happened that far in the past and no one certainly can know what the future holds for us. Let us get ready for a worst-case scenario of a Changing Climate and a over-populated world!

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