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Theories of Climate Change

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Ecology | 8 comments

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A couple of days ago I heard the first time about Advanced Engagement. I was curious about it and found a paper written by Professor Fuerth in the Internet. Leon Sigmund Fuerth, born 1939, is a former diplomat and served as a national security adviser to former US -Vice President Al Gore. Mr. Fuerth is directing The Project on Forward Engagement at the George Washington University and is there also a professor for International Affairs. In March 2007, Mr. Fuerth published a paper titled: Congress and the Climate Crisis: A Case for Forward Engagement. The paper is beautifully and detailed written and describes the need for the U.S. Congress to adopt laws to be prepared for a Climate Change. The forecasts presented are credible. Mr. Fuerth claims, that the American governments are systematically short-sighted. I have a surprise for Mr. Fuerth, all democratically elected governments suffer the same distorted optics. It is always immediately before the next elections. And, of course, every candidate wants to win the election! Otherwise why would anyone run for office? So a long term planning is not really possible. That being as it is, the political program can only be valid until the next election. Therefore, the long-term policies should rather be developed in the universities, so as to give politicians a kind of a road map to the future. The paper of Mr. Fuerth seems to make this claim, but does not justify it.

The author is not questioning the traditional infrastructure and the car in itself. It seems that Mr. Fuerth is dwelling on cosmetics and is not offering in long-term solutions. The proposed measures talk about the need to modernize infrastructure and to change present cars to electric cars. Although, some paragraphs previously the author talked about chaos which might reign the world if the climate really should change. In areas where the conditions are chaotic due to floods, earthquakes, storms, etc., the centralized infrastructure will not suffice. Roads for car traffic and the sewage system are to a big part destroyed. We talk here about a temporary state, after a disaster the situation calms down and some sort of normality is regained. Should the climate actually be changing, then a disaster can turn into a permanent state.

The failure of such influential people as Prof. Fuerth to provide an unbiased view of all the possibilities and to come up with a viable alternative to the dominant concept of how we conduct our lives will ultimately lead to a catastrophe. Fuerth’s paper should be a strategy for the political level, and yet it is not, since it is not outside our the dominant idea of how our lifestyle is or should be. No alternative life style is mentioned.

Our idea of a standard of living decides our quality of life. If our standard of living is based on a credit we take from future generations and it is foreseeable that, beside a Climate Change, we can’t provide a growing world population with the same standard of living as the First World than our quality of living might become strongly disturbed. That is the weakness in the argument of the theorists, such as Leon Fruerth, Thomas Friedmann and, YES!, Al Gore. Although Al Gore is another case, since he was a professional politician for decades and he was also the vice-president of the United States for eight years. He should be more pragmatic but, alas, he did not succeed to present a viable alternative to the present state of mind. Not as a Vice President and ever since. Therefore all the money needed for a conventional infrastructure is actually wasted money. Not to mention the damage done to nature.

It is difficult to build an alternative where a infrastructure already exists, although it would be quite possible. But where an infrastructure does not exist yet, as in large parts of the Third World, it is essential to apply a decentralized concept. If the powers to be would adopt the concept of the TOTEM System the neighborhoods even in the First World could be detached from the infrastructure and a lot of energy could be saved. But until this will happen, many more papers will be written and unless we are struck by catastrophes nothing new will be done. Still people like Prof. Fuerth have special responsibility, they have to think in completely new ways to find either a solution to Climate Change or how to get prepared for a worst-case scenario.

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  1. Flappy Bird

    I think this is among the most significant info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on few general things, The website style is perfect the articles is really excellent D. Good job, cheers

  2. Ernestine Doles

    Sad to hear about Steve Jobs. I like the post. It has the best rundown I have seen in a long time. Thumbs up 🙂

  3. Douglas Stern

    My Theory: Complete chain of events that explains the variations in global temperature that have puzzled climatologists for so many years, and that has now led to an explanation for the recent global warming episode. It starts with cosmic rays coming to earth from exploding supernovas and collisions of remnants of stars with nebula in space. Many of these cosmic rays are shielded from striking the earth by the electromagnetic activity of the sun. When the sun is active, the solar wind prevents cosmic rays from entering the earth’s atmosphere by sweeping them around the earth. When the sun is inactive, more of them penetrate the atmosphere. Upon reaching the lower atmosphere where more sulphur dioxide, water vapor, and ozone is present, the cosmic rays ionize the air, releasing electrons that aid in the formation of more CCN and form more dense clouds. This increase in low-cloud amount reflects more solar energy to space, cooling the planet. Variations in electromagnetic activity of the sun and fluctuations in cosmic ray intensity from space result in the periodic warming and cooling of the earth.

    Solar-modulated cosmic ray processes successfully explain the recent global warming episode. It would be prudent for the political leadership in the U. S. and the world to look more closely at Svensmark’s theory of cosmoclimatology for an explanation of global warming before restructuring our entire economic system to eliminate carbon dioxide. If, in fact, Svensmark is correct, reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide will have little impact, anyway.

  4. Douglas Stern

    Man-made carbon dioxide is generally thought to produce global warming. However, in a recent article entitled “Does Carbon Dioxide Drive Global Warming?” I presented several major reasons why carbon dioxide is probably not the primary cause.

    But if carbon dioxide is not the cause, then what is? Evidence is accumulating that cosmic rays associated with fluctuations in the sun’s electromagnetic field may be what drives global warming.

    A new theory called cosmoclimatology that proposes a natural mechanism for climate fluctuations has been developed by Henrik Svensmark, Head of the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish National Space Center.

  5. Dari

    Stupid Theories of Climate Change !! hahaaa

    get a life

    • Admin (Max)

      Hi Dari,
      thank you very much but believe I got a life. And I quiet like it. Think about it, perhaps Climate Change is not a theory but reality? What you do about it?
      All the best nevertheless,

  6. Frank Ashby


    The homeless man informed the preacher about his prophecy stating, ” The Shadow is the effluvium of the Scarlet Woman and on the night of a total lunar eclipse, her vagina can become quite hysterical.The ominous portent is that on such a night, you will meet your demon brother, who will lead you over to her. The way back to paradise is fraught with danger for the initiate must experience the karmic repercussions of being a worthless parasite.”

  7. Isiah Luisi

    I thank you for your post. It has the best rundown I have seen in a long time. Thumbs up 🙂

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