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The Wonder of Life

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The earth from space covered in clouds.Pope Fancis

First I have to apologise to Pope Francis, in my recent article about him I was sarcastic, if not downright cynical. The questions are still unanswered, but the encyclical Laudato Si’ is pretty progressive (1). Although, it is still not radical enough for me I am pretty happy that Pope Francis did a very decent job in advancing our fight against Climate Change. I hope that the, as yet unanswered, questions will be approached in the next steps. That churches, monasteries and missionary institutions will all install alternative energy. And the Le Papa will advice his flock to eat only once a week either meat or fish and a minimum consumption of dairy products.

Let’s wait and see.

The Encyclical

I have to admit, I have not read the encyclical I rely on information from the internet (2). My impression of what the encyclical is all about, is the dangers of Climate and our moral obligation to do something about it.
The date the encyclical has been published is also important. At the end of the year will be a global gathering of scientists and policy makers in Paris to discuss and to decide what to do.
Will this be the conclusion of the flying climate circus and it took 20 years, more or less, to get to this point? How long will it take to implement the decisions?
We don’t have much time left, in a mere 35 years world population will be 9 billion people. This is reason enough to also speak about poverty, income inequality and human rights!

Religion and Life

Religion in whatever shape and form and yours truly are not really compatible. Although I do believe in, or rather feel, something divine. The chances of winning the jackpot in a lottery are 1 in several millions. How big are the chances that in the whole universe, with its billions of stars there is one on which live exists?
And I live on this very planet!
Lucky me, lucky you and everybody sharing this beautiful space at the same time.
When is a wonder called wonder, if we don’t call live on earth a wonder?
And another question is, how big are the chances for me, or for you, to be part of this incredible spectacle we call Gravitational Anomalies of Mercurylive? Forget about the jackpot, we are lucky as it is. This is the jackpot of life. The alternative to life is the eternal void. And who wants that? We’ll get there soon enough!
So we live on this planet and could just appreciate and enjoy it, but no, we are not really satisfied. We want more and no matter what we have to do to get it we will do. Even destroy the very basis of our existence in this world. We destroy forests and the sea. The rate of animals and plants going extinct, because of human activities, are staggering.
Religion is to be blamed for it, specifically the Judeo-Christian-Islamic. In the Bible it is written, that man should have dominion over nature, that man can do with nature as he pleases.
This was true until a couple of days ago. Pope Francis changed our perception. As far as I understand what is written in the news Pope Francis has a new take on this segment of the bible. Kudos to the pope!
Francis in the encyclical Laudato Si reminds us all, that we live in perilous times. That in a couple of decades the world will look very different from today.
My take, from what I read in the media, about the encyclical is, humanity is squandering the wealth of the Earth, the incredible Diversity of Flora and Fauna, will be destroyed. The pope mentions also the desolate situation of the oceans (3). All the elements on which live on earth depends, Earth, Water and Air, are being are being manipulated to the worse by human beings.
By you and me!


We really are unable to appreciate our luck of being alive. To be alive on Earth at a time when the climate was good enough for us, as humanity, to flourish. Since the last Ice age the general climate on earth was quite mild. Except for certain spots like the poles and Siberia and Canada and Alaska. But those places were until recently, historically M106 A Spiral Galaxy with a Strange Centerspeaking, scarcely populated.
And now Homo Sapiens, in other words us, have come to a point were we become our own worst enemy.
All for the ego-centrism of human beings, in other words Greed. That this greed will cause the levels of the sea to rise, that this greed will have destroyed our source of photosynthesis is if no concern for us, because future generations will endure the brunt of the consequences.
Greed is good, so goes the saying on Wall street. And in every other stock exchange on earth as well.
Greed in his ancestral forms was an instinct necessary for survival. One took as much as possible, because one has to have enough for hard times. And hard times were the rule.
This very instinct is still in all of us, although we don’t really need to be greedy to survive. Today greed is something banal, it is not about survival but about appearances, coupled with social recognition. For this one has to consume in a certain way. If you are rich you drive a luxury car and have a mansion. This form of greed is much to energy demanding!
But this is the life everyone dreams about and we try to emulate this kind of living. Something as the middle class in the developed countries. Also very energy demanding and not at all a model for a sustainable future. The better people live, the higher the standard of living is, the less greed is needed to survive.
The people on Wall street have cultivated the Greed is Good culture and the trickle down effect lead us to a trickle-up effect where people consume more. The nemesis to the cure from greed is the pleasure it induces in us. The fulfillment of the greedy impulse is very satisfactory. But the greed has led us to the Sixth Mass Extinction in Geo-history (4). Greed is one of the strongest enemy of the Ecology.
It has to change!

Wealth Unknown

Greed has led us, at least in the 1. World to a wealth unknown. A rise in our standard of living like never before. But did also our quality of live improved accordingly? This is debatable, compared to the middle class at the turn from the 19th to the 20th century? I guess they had a pretty good live. With the available technology and an ecological energy management all people on earth could live like that. Without damaging or disturbing nature too much.
But, alas, Greed is in the way.
It has to be clear to everyone, if our standard of living is becoming a danger for nature it has to change. Before thePurpel Flower changes in nature endanger human beings on an unknown quantity.
The change required is not for any ethical or other reasons, but for one. Survival as a race, survival of future generations. Our children.
I can’t do anything about it, I can only write articles in
The Pope is a completely different, if not the Pope who else can speak with such moral and scientific authority?
I see none near or far. The Pope has the ability to lead us through the ecological challenges,
The question remains, will the good intentions of Pope Francis conquer the prevalent greed which rules the world?

Read what the Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson has to say about the Pope and scientist.

All pictures, except the Purpel Flower, courtesy to Purpel Flower copyright Max Nadel @

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