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The Venus Project Dystopia

Posted by on Jan 12, 2013 in Ecology, Featured | 5 comments

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Loss of Face by Max Nadel

Loss of Face by Max Nadel

In Florida in the USA is a place called Venus. There Mr. Jacque Fresco and Ms. Roxanne Meadows run the Venus Project (1). This project has goals that I don’t know if I  can agree with. As can be seen by the pictures of the lectures Mr. Fresco holds, many people are ready to listen to him, as you can see in the slide show of the link #1. It only shows that people are open for new ideas. Although, his teachings do sound very utopian and rather fit for a sci-fiction story than for real live. Not enough with the technical side of the project the Venus Project also pretends to be the remedy to all social problems.

As though humanity does not have enough experience with those Messianic ideas how to solve the problems of humanity. Such as poverty, hunger, crime, illiteracy and all kind of sexuell deviations. I know, no one claims to have the magic potion to solve the last of the mentioned problems, but I simply do not believe in anyone who claims he has the solution to the other of the problems. Even people of totally different statur as Mr. Jacque Fresco, such as Jesus of Nazareth and good old Karl “Charlie” Marx, have tried their luck and have failed. So why would Mr. Fresco have, all of a sudden, the magic wand to solve all the problems of mankind? There is no reason to trust any kind of prophet and certainly not Mr. Fresco. Who, in the mission statement of his website, demands things I can fully agree with.Venus-Project_mission

But checking out the website I don’t see any realistic way of implementing those thoughts and I don’t even think I want it. His idea of a city seems very nice on the drawing board, but seriously would you like to live in such a city? And as far as I understand Mr. Fresco, he wants every city on earth to look like every other city. Unlike today where every city has its own character in the futuristic world of Mr. Fresco one would not really know in which city one resides, since all the cities look the same.

Are the goals of Mr. Fresco consistent with the demands of today?

As can be seen in the clip below show a world were only machines are working while human beings would have the leisure to pursue their real talents. Besides the fact, that I wouldn’t trust a robot to be my dentist it is also a matter of energy demand. Today, we have to save energy and should not be wasting energies for technologies which make people redundant.

I do believe, that Mr. Fresco and Ms. Meadows have the best intention at heart, but their theories do not really meet the demands of today. The cities grow in uncontrolled manner, since the world population grows rapidly  Our first task has to be to provide them with fast and cheap dwellings, with clean water and energy. For this the Total Energy Modulation is much more adept than any of Mr. Frescos ideas. Perhaps in the future, when humanity has found new sources of energy, some of his ideas will be implemented, but in the meantime what is needed are ideas which are simple and cheap.

In the clip below at 0:47 Mr.  Jacque Fresco seriously states, that it would take about ten years to build his utopian design world wide. But for this most of the cities would have to be leveled first. Which means energy must be wasted for this task and more is going to be wasted in order to build the new cities.



(I added this other Youtube clip about the Venus Project at a later date. The reason, it shows very clearly how machines will make people redundant. Not exactly a energy efficient way of life. How many resources and energy will be needed for such a way of life?)

For further reading: 

1. The Venus Project


(The picture Loss of Face has nothing to do with the article. I just wanted to show off my talent as a sculptor. I hope you like it.)

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  1. Polly

    Beautiful Site Max 🙂 keep up the good work.

  2. Ted

    Nice article MAX, it’s nice to read your thoughts and to get inspired by you, welcome back to blogging again.

  3. Rudy Bulz

    Is Loss of Face statue for sale ?? is it your own work ?

    • Max

      Hi Rudy, Hi Andrew,
      I answer both of you in one reply. I hope you don’t mind.
      The statue Loss of Face is a work I, Max Nadel, did some years ago. No it is not for sale. Regrettably the statue broke the morning after the picture was taken. I am also sorry for the mediocre quality of picture, but the others I have are even worse.
      I hope to open a e-store in the near future and I will eventually make a new Loss of Face.
      Polly and Ted, thanks for appreciating my work.
      The best to all of you,

  4. Andrew

    Hi Max, Do you have a higher quality photo for that sculpture, it’s so beautiful.

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