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The TOTEM System in a Nutshell

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in Totem | 16 comments

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Nesseq is frequently asked about the TOTEM.

The administrator wants to explain the concept of the TOTEM in a nutshell.

The Total Energy Modulation is not just the technical facility but a different cultural approach how to meet the ecological challenge.

The TOTEM is about how to utilize the Inherent Energy in your surrounding.

The most important of these Inherent Energies is human energy and resources.

Unemployment is the worst case of wasting energy! (This is what is meant with Social Security/Human Security in Nesseq!)

The first step in order to achieve the physical TOTEM is to get organized. Unless you are a millionaire, then you can do it on your own. But most of the people are not.

That’s why you have to find another 999 people or more in your town and establish a Loan Guaranty Fund (LGF).

Those 1000 people each invest 1000$ or €. Only this currencies are talked of in this article because this are the international currencies right now.  They allow to accumulate enough substance to go on to the next step.

To establish businesses which are not interested in profit maximization but have more in environmentally neutral goals and create jobs!

We, at Nesseq, recommend to establish a network of Co-operatives with the ultimate goal of building a ecological neighborhood or to turn your existing neighborhood ecologically.

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  1. Megan Tady

    I think your blog and ideas are great, i keep reading your articles all the time, ignore what some (stupid narrow minded) say or think (or maybe not thinking), i admire the fact you approved their comments. this is showing how good you are dear max.

  2. Rene

    Max, i read this article and the comments, i admire your work and ideas, and don’t care about what others trying to say or to make you down. i beleive in your work and ideas, we all have to find ways to fight the climate change and make this work better.

    “Nothing sways the stupid more than arguments they can’t understand”

    • Admin (Max)

      Rene, thank you very much for your support. Think about establishing a Loan Guaranty Fund in your town. This could be a first step to fight the climate change. And you can be sure that your money is in good hands, in your local bank!
      Now I go to sleep. It is after 1 o’clock in the night and I got to get up early for work.

  3. Sebastian Holmes

    also one more question pal.

    is this thing really works ?? have you tested it ??
    or its just throry and imagination ??

    • manx

      Sebastian, that’s exactly the point. I can’t prove that it works because I don’t have the money to pay an engineer to do the planning. To build a table model shouldn’t be much of a problem after that. But to build a bigger model is beyond my means.

      • Sebastian Holmes

        Ok, lets cut the crap, how much this is coast ??

        • Admin (Max)

          For a table model I only need the help of an engineer. For a bigger model from 10.000 $ up. But as I said, the table model would be sufficient for the meantime.

          • Sebastian Holmes

            how much for a small model then ?? you are avoiding direct answers, and you not explaining this in your site.

            also 10.000$ is tooooo high.

          • Admin (Max)

            I say for a table model I don’t need more then the help of an engineer who is willing to do the planning without money. For a bigger model the money needed depends on the size of the model. If a whole building would be the model even 10.000 wouldn’t be enough. But this is jumping 2 steps ahead. Right now I’m only talking about a table model.
            A idea! Why don’t we make a competition of the TOTEM System table model? Than I wouldn’t even need money. Just be so fair to credit me with the idea and send me videao clips how the model works, so i can show them in my website.

          • Admin (Max)

            By the way, what do you care if someone wants to support me and my site with a donation? If the benefactor thinks it’s worth it, who are you to doubt it?

  4. Daniel

    Nice ideas, but nobody want to spend money on theories with all due respect to you and your work.

    me personally, i am not going to give you a cent, why ? i am sure you might be a good guy, but you not an official organization, or you maybe want to make money by asking people to donate for your projects or god knows what. !! so many reasons max.

    collecting money is not a good idea.

    • manx

      Daniel, you misunderstood. Don’t donate me any money. Look for other people and invest in your town or neighborhood. And if you realize any of the Nesseq ideas donate some. Regard it as a kind of a copy right fee.
      Thank you all the same.

      • Sebastian Holmes

        Yeah Yeah, so why you have the paypal donate icon in your site ?? i agree with what daniel is saying.

        you are collecting money !! yes or not ? smells like a fraud to me, maybe i am wrong ? correct me.

        • manx

          Sebastian, you are wrong. I got exactly zilch out of the donate button. Also the advertisement got me in all the time only cents. I need money to build a working model. But more important would be the help of engineers who could make the planning. If you know an retired engineer let me know. A retired engineer would be ideal because he wouldn’t stress himself and wouldn’t need the money.

          • Sebastian Holmes

            on one side you say i am not collecting money, from the other site you say yes you are collecting moey. for some reason it look suspicious.

          • Admin (Max)

            What I say is, that if someone wants to help get the projects underway s/he may donate something. Or not! It’s up to you. You could make everything I propose in my website on your own. But then I would have to insist that you give me the due credit of having thought of it.

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