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The Titanic Syndrome

Posted by on Aug 21, 2010 in Ecology | 13 comments

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The main task of Nesseq turns slowly to a website trying to debunk the Climate Change denier. This was not the original idea, which is to get people in neighborhoods to get active in their own interest and in the interest of the children.
But right now the deniers of a Climate Change must be debunked once and for all.
The real question is not whether the climate is or will change. The real question is a simple one.
Can the climate change or can’t it change?
The propagators on either side of the fence, which separates the yea and naysayer. Both sides rely heavily on believe and prejudice. No one knows who is wright or who is wrong.
The third position does not believe, neither in a Climate Change nor that the climate is not changing. This position says, that a Climate Change is possible. That a Climate Change is not a matter of believe but rather a matter of Probability. The history of the earth shows a magnitude of extreme weather changes. There is no reason to believe that it can’t change again. The question, whether such a Climate Change is caused by humanity or happens naturally is futile. If the Climate Change is caused by mankind, the solution is easy. We will simply have  to change our way of live. If it happens because of nature it will be much worse. It might mean the end of humanity as we know it. Either way, humanity has to find a way how to survive in a world when the climate will change.
To deny a possibility of a Climate Change reminds of the stance known from the engineers who built the Titanic. They also believed that their ship is invincible and therefore not enough rescue boats were on board. In the end a simple Iceberg proved them wrong! And many people died because of the arrogance. Responsible people have to accept the possibility of a changing climate and have to act against it. Rescue boats have to be built for society.

All others who deny such a possibility suffer from the Titanic Syndrome and might wake up on a gigantic Iceberg!

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