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The Suffering of Nature

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NightJarOur Home

We once had a perfect home and we have succeeded in messing it up!

I am talking about planet Earth, about Mother Nature. The world of today is not the world of two hundred years ago, not even one hundred years ago. It is not true, that human beings did not destroy nature before the Industrial Revolution (1). They did, but only in such a scale, that nature could still retain a certain equilibrium. That changed with the Industrial Revolution. Around the same time world population grew to be one billion people (2).

That was the pivotal point, where nature started to lose balance.

Dogs and Cats

I can say with certainty, that most people like animals. Of course, there are some people who are indifferent to animals, they neither like them nor hate them. Most of the people might hate some animals, I don’t like cockroaches. Some don’t like snakes or spiders. I know many people, but I know no one who really hates all animals. Most of the people I know like dogs and cats. Or some like either dogs or cats, but they all have a favorite animal they like. Non of my friends and acquaintance, so I hope, would torture animals.

Still indirectly they do. The way livestock is treated today is nothing short of torture (3).


Is it wrong to say:

First we torture the animals and then we torture people .

If we’re torturing people , why shouldn’t we torture animals and nature ?

Contradiction : We love animals, a whole industry thrives on it. However, it does not matter to most of us, how much the animal is suffering , as long as it ends up on our plate. All animal lover should be vegetarian!

The ecologist avoids suffering. The human, but also the flora and fauna. And even deeper, the good ecologist also avoids the suffering of Nature. We can not continue to rape Mother Nature, do violence to her, they destroy.
Not a trivial morality to follow, but as a survival strategy.
Mother Nature and humans are not separate from each other and Mother Nature on this planet depends only by the laws of the universe, we are happy to Dennen people using technology to expel try.
But this is possible only to a certain extent. As long as we were few and our technologies were primitive, we used primitive technologies that little energy demanded and made possible with local resources.
In this state, the nature of which could not adapt to changes. The materials were biodegradable and there were only few people.
This changed radically only 200 years ago. That was the time when two destructive forces met with each other and the destruction of nature by too many people too much waste land and using as much energy-intensive technologies that nature can no longer cope and we get to feel the effects.

Because we once had a perfect home but we messed it up thoroughly.


*The pictures are of a rare bird Nightjar.  The Nightjar is a migrating bird and a coupe of weeks ago I caught one, who was injured. Of course, I brought him immediately to the official authorities.


For further information:

  1. Industrial Revolution
  2. World Population
  3. Slaughter
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