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The Specter of Climate Change

Posted by on Jan 18, 2011 in Climate Change | 1 comment

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The Specter of a Climate Change is haunting us. While we stare at the Gordian knot and hope for the best. Someday something or someone will cut the knot and the specter will be exorcised. We still have time, this is what we all want to believe. But this is only wishful thinking.

The old year was an accumulation of floods all over the world. The new year, just two weeks old starts off with three major floods on three continents. Australia, Sri Lanka (Asia) and Brazil (South America). Germany (Europe) is plagued by only a minor flood in comparison, which is bad enough. 

I don’t know about the major floods in the southern hemisphere, where it is now summer. Does it rain there much in general during the summer month? Or does it rain this year more than the average? But in Germany, in the middle of the winter, floods should not happen. Only two-three weeks ago the temperatures were as low as 20 degrees Celsius and now it is above freezing point. The snow and ice is thawing and causes the flood. 

Are all this occurrences not the signs of a Climate Change? 

This is a question for which no one can give a conclusive answer. But we can take it for granted, that the world population will grow until the middle of this century by about 30% to become 9 billion. And more then 50 years of development aid and technology transferred from the highly developed countries to the less developed one has not solved the problems in the poor countries. Still in some parts of the world people starve and have no direct access to drinking water. That this is so might be also a result of a changing climate, but it is a sure sign that the development aid policies have failed miserably.

Sustainable development is sold as the solution to Climate Change and underdevelopment in the 3.World. If it fails, just as the development aid, the results will be catastrophic for human kind. With a Climate Change or without. Alone to fail the poor people in the poor countries, by a birth rate of 30% over the next 39 years will be a catastrophe, but a Climate Change will aggrevate the situation it will be doomsday.

We all know it and the solutions already exist. But politician see only until the next election and scientists have only the tunnel vision of the highly specialized. And businessmen have only the profits and the stock exchange in sight. Let us not forget, that all the debts accumulated all over the world will be a burden by itself in the future. Either the debts are paid back or the whole economic system will have to change, which will be a tremendous effort. Besides the population growth and Climate Change.

We at Nesseq offer some ideas how to tackle climate change and which would help the poor to achieve at least social security, in other words Jobs. The energy and drink water problem could be eased with the establishment of TOTEM Systems in villages and neighborhoods.

It all depends on everyone of us, with the help of the Loan Guaranty Fund many things can be done. Only by doing something can we get rid of the specter!




*The figurine in the image was made by Max Nadel

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  1. Monex

    A larger supercontinent will therefore have more area in which climate is strongly seasonal than will several smaller continents or .. These changes in luminosity and the suns ultimate death as it becomes a and then a will have large effects on climate with the red giant phase possibly ending life on Earth..Solar output also on shorter time scales including the 11-year and longer-term .

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