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The Red Sea – Dead Sea Canal

Posted by on Apr 10, 2010 in Climate Change | 33 comments

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The Sea of Galilee lies 209 meter below sea level and is a beautiful and for some people a holy place. It is also the major fresh water supplier in the region.

Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and the occupied territories of Palestine all need the water of this Lake.

The area is arid with not much rain fall. Israel has about 300 sunny days. The last years were especially poor in rain. The level of the lake has dropped dramatically. A little more and a point of no return will be reached. The lake will turn to mud. Already the fauna and flora of the lake are in danger, because the oxygen content of the water becomes too low.

Further south is the Dead Sea.

There the situation is not not much better, although the sea is only needed for recreational and medical reasons.

The river Jordan connects the two lakes. Correction, the river is supposed to connect them, but it has dried up!

The Level of the Dead Sea drops a meter pro year. The danger that it will dry up completely  is real.

This will not only affect tourism but will also have ecological implications.

As a solution the Red Sea – Dead Sea canal is discussed. Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed to built it.

Aside from all political disputes, the question must be asked: Is this the real solution?

The Dead Sea will be saved but the Sea of Galilee will die!

Shouldn’t a solar powered Desalination Plant in the Mediterranean Sea supply the Sea of Galilee with fresh water? And the surplus of water will revive the Jordan river and will replenish the Dead Sea.

As a side effect electricity can be produced as well.

But it seems that simple logic has no place in the Near East.

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  27. Daniel Schrotz

    I don’t think this idea will come to life. only because of the israeli-arab conflict, maybe if there is peace (real peace agreements) things will be very different.

    • manx

      perhaps the idea won’t come true but the truth is still the truth. The problem is that the Red – Dead Sea canal is typical today. For some mysterious reasons politics doesn’t solve the problems at the root. They always come up with half of the solution. No wonder the world is in such a poor state.
      Max Nadel

  28. Albert T.

    The water pumped from the Red Sea would generate hydroelectric energy, which, when supplemented by solar energy, could power a desalinization plant that would bring potable water to the area to be used for agricultural and industrial purposes. This would prove of immediate benefit to the human environment of the Dead Sea.

    • manx

      All this could be done by desalinate water from the Mediterranean and lead it to the Sea of Galilee. The difference between sea level and the Sea of Galilee is big enough to produce electricity. This would solve the problem of the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. To pump water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea will only solve one problem, the Dead Sea.

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  30. Jacob

    The Dead Sea is drying up, with severe negative consequences on the ecosystem, industry and wildlife in the area. There have been several proposals for a canal to transport Mediterranean Sea or Red Sea water to the Dead Sea. Such a water project would reverse the negative impacts on the environment; that is, the erosion of the shoreline and disruption of the water column caused by declining water levels.

    • manx

      Still, if the water is from the Red Sea only the problem of the Dead Sea is solved. Without considering the unforeseeable negative consequences.
      To desalinate water from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee would solve all three problems.
      Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.
      Without the negative affects, as has been mentioned in one of the youtube clips.

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