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The Nesseq Agenda

Posted by on May 19, 2013 in Ecology, Featured | 3 comments

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House-WindmillsA couple of month ago I wrote an article about myself and Nesseq in order for search engines to connect between the two points. In the meantime a very good friend oft mine took it into her head to translate my posts and pages, at least some of them, to Hebrew. I hope she will still love me later on.

In the article Max Nadel and Nesseq, I wrote about my personal history and how I got involved in Ecology. In this article it will be more about the technical possibilities. Reading the pages of the Total Energy Modulation (TOTEM) and the Center for Maritime Living (CML) left my friend confused. She asked me, what my agenda is? What do I want?

The answer is very simple. Every era has a specific challenge, a certain problem, which has to be solved. The problem of our era is definitely a possible Climate Change. TheHuffington Post (1), the Daily Beast (2) and the New York Times (3) did some interesting pieces about it. The Carbon Dioxide content in the atmosphere seems to have reached a historical peak. Even if some of us still do not accept the fact that Climate Change is possible, we still have to get prepared for such a possibility!

There are three possibilities why the Climate Change is happening. It is a natural cycle, it is caused by mankind or it is a combination of the both. If Climate Change is caused by mankind the solution is a simple one, we just have to change our way of life. If Climate Change is a natural cycle it will change our way of life in the most profound way possible. The historical example of the Ice Age might give us a idea how the climate determines our live.

In order to find a viable concept, we have to define the structure of the problem. The problem of Climate Change is exacerbated by the growth of the World Population (4). Today about seven billion people populate the earth, at the middle of the century about nine billion people will share the limited space on earth.

First, our culture of limitless expansion is outdated, instead of expanding we have to contract. The more people we are on earth, the less freedom the individual will have. It will not be possible to provide every person on earth with the standard of living of the USA, Europe and Japan. This is a standard which is unsustainable anyway  as the perennial United Nation circus of the Climate Summit proves. They folks meet for almost twenty year, always at the end of every year to discuss the topic and are still not able to come up with viable models!

The most important task is how to save energy. There are several possibilities. One of them would be not to build machines, which make people redundant. Than it would be very helpful to understand the principle of the Inherent Energy (IE). If machines make the job instead of people IE is twice wasted. First, the machines have to be build, operated and finally be disposed off. Secondly,  the biological energy of human beings is wasted, which all the negative social and political repercussions. Another example, if Biomass (5) is composted the IE is being wasted. To feed the Biomass into a Bio Gas Plant and to produce Bio Gas (6) would be much more efficient. This string of thought led me to develop the concept of the TOTEM (Total Energy Modulation) System.

The Idea of the CML – Center for Maritime Living is based on the assumption, that if the Climate Change is happening it will lead to a rise of the sea levels. The CML is based on the TOTEM System and tries to find a answer how people will survive in a hostile environment. Ideally the CML should be build on a Greek island, where a forest could be planted.

This is also one of the most important tasks humanity is confronted with. In order to mitigate the Climate Change, we have to allow nature to regain balance. This is of utmost importance, it will cost us a lot of money without cash return and it will also impair our personal freedom. But we don’t have a choice!


* Photo by Georg Hoehne. It shows a Windmill installed on the corner of a building, somewhere in England.

For Further reading:

2) The Daily Beast

3) The New York Times

Also the BBC reports about unusual weather.

4) World Population Estimate

5) Biomass

6) Bio Gas

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  1. Chad B. Rivera

    The campuses are usually big enough. The universities have all the know- how in the world and the financing shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Max

      Hi Chad,
      right on. If you are a student demand it from your university, since we learn for life and not for the school!

  2. Max

    Hello Maillot,
    thank you for you comment. If you want to write something in private to me, please use the contact button on the bottom.
    Thanks a lot,


  1. maillot france - maillot france... Thank you for the good writeup. It in reality was once a amusement account it.…

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