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The Mobile TOTEM

Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Totem | 3 comments

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Whether the Climate Change is actually is happening is not really clear yet, but some strange things are indicating that it just might happen. The ice in the Arctic (1) is melting at a higher rate than scientists have anticipated. Last year Pakistan (2) was hit by a devastating flood and this year again (3). This year it is slightly better, still 200.000 people are displaced. In the wake of a possible Climate Change more and more catastrophes will occur and the devastation will be bigger. Not just because of Climate Change, but also because of a growing world population. The number of victims grows accordingly. The number of victims at present reaches regularly tens – and hundreds of thousands of victims. In the future we will have to get used to millions and tens and hundreds of millions of victims! Are we prepared for such a worst-case scenario? The answer is: No!

After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 (4), with about 250.000 dead, when the first aid was done and the second step set in, a Cholera epidemic broke out. I am not a scientist, but common sense tells me, that the mobile infrastructure was not adequate. Millions of people survived the total destruction and had to be taken care of. The prevailing idea is to emulate the fixed infrastructure for a area without devastation. This centralized concept is outdated. In a area recovering from, either a natural catastrophe or war only small and decentralized mobile units can ease the immediate plight and will prevent epidemics. If the centralized system is corrupted, the whole system grinds to a halt. This can’t happen to Mobile Totem’s. Every unit should serve about five thousand people. If one unit fails, the impact on the whole system is minimal. And it is not very likely, that all units will stop working at the same time. Another very important advantage of the Mobile Totem, the biomass (feces) is automatically sterilized in the process and the highest hygienic standards can be ensured!

Both infrastructure’s are expensive. And the decentralized one even more so. But the advantage of the TOTEM System, that it can be build successively In order to cut the cost, the Totem will be build locally. It is not necessary to bring all the stuff needed from the outside. In the Totem the useless cars can be salvaged and the alternator will be used to produce energy. It must be kept in mind, that it should only secure the survival, so the energy demand is small. After the situation has settled the Totems remain. After all the people built it with their own hands and with their own material. This means lots of stable jobs! The seed to shared local wealth can build that way!

It is necessary to build working models in regular times. Like right now! And it will get worse in the future, when there will be more catastrophes. We really don’t get ready for it, now that the pressure is not overwhelming.


For further reading:

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  1. Andre

    Nice article, too bad you don’t update your site, i have subscribed to your RSS feed to get the new updates, but so far nothing is happening, such a shame !

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Andre,
      thank you very much for your encouragement. I am sorry to tell you that the frequency of my post are a little low due to too much work right now. But I promise it will get better soon.
      All the best und Tschuessle,

    • Sveta

      I am also in the RSS but i don’t see updates, i think something is wrong with feedburner but now i see that author is not updating new information, the site is old, when you update i visit you back again.

      go green and good luck

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