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Loan Guaranty Fund

Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in Featured | 15 comments

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Alone the wish to realize our, or any other, idea money is needed.

Here is a way how to get it!

The LGF is a new approach to Ethical Banking and Micro Financing.

If it works in the 3.World it should also work in the socalled 1.World, where not everyone is rich.

A Nobel prize for Peace in 2006 was awarded to Mr. Muhammed Yunus and the Grameen Bank in Bangladhesh.

If the Nobelpreiskommitee thinks the idea is good, who are we to doubt it?

We can only strive to improve the idea.

The Idea!

Citizens are financing Citizens of a neighborhood, a town or projects far away with the help of an LGF.

The LGF is the tool for self- help in co-operatives or any other form the members of the LGF decide on.

The LGF is not intended for charity but for projects which are profit oriented.

But since this is about micro-financing, we only talk about micro-capitalism!

And we, from Nesseq, prefere Com-ops anyway!


1,000 citizens to invest 1000 Euros or U.S. Dollars for, let’s say, 10 years.

That amounts to 1 million Euro/U.S. Dollar.

Those funds, together with the interest and compound yield, are used as collaterals for projects.


It can’t be denied that there is a risk of losing money.

In some cases even a total loss of the stakes will happen.

But the chances that this will happen are slight, because not all the projects will fail!

If a project fails the warranty obligation is deducted from the fund.

If the warranty obligation is not claimed the fund remains untouched!

It is also reassuring, that the funds are managed by institutions you trust anyway – the local banks.


Even if you lose all your stake, it is only 1.000 US-Dollars or Euros over a timespan of 10 years, which means the loss is 100 US-Dollars or Euros a year. But on the other hand if you imagine there will be thousands of LGFs worldwide and that most of the will be succesful and you are part of it!

A Dream

After the financial crisis of summer 2008 the governments of the world have spent billions and billions of US-Dollars and Euros to stabilize such dinosaur industries as the automobile industry.

Perhaps the politicss will recognize the potential of LGFs and will support them as well.

Make losses tax deductible or guaranty an interest yield of 5% p.a, for instance.

It is allowed to dream sometimes!

And it might just come true if you and many others in your town will get active!

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  1. Francis

    I WAS a big fan of your work, and i was following your site from the beginning, waiting for the moment when you tell us that your dream “Totem” is true now and this theory is REAL.

    I know that you gave up on your site and your ideas, and there is no more new articles, just every now and then, one or two new articles every month, but i understand “this is life”, and hobby site is just a hobby.

    What i wanted to say today is, i hope you write more articles, i hope you work on your totem, and i hope you visit your site so often, because i don’t think you know that your site is hacked, security breaches, and downloading malwares into your visitors, this is because one of your plugins “wordpress plugin” is hacked, so if you have visitors stats plugin, make sure to disable it, and clean your template files and your wordpress files.

    • Admin (Max)

      Thank you Francis for your kind support. I hope to be able to write more articles again very soon. Also thank you for your advise. I will shut down the visitor stats plugin.
      All the best,

  2. Andre

    Doctor Max,

    I need to join your Loan Guaranty Fund program, where i can sign up, and how you can loan me the money ? i am looking through your site and i can’t find where, i would love to donate some money for you as well after i get my loan fund, i am in big need to it, i am argentinian who is living in the US, and this black muslim Obama is taking our jobs.

    Anyway, please post your fund details and your details.

    P.S. what is your loan limit ?

    Long Live the TOTEM

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Andre,
      you misunderstood the principle of the Loan Guaranty Fund. The LGF does not exist as yet. It is not a centralized institution but has to be established by the citizens of any town. If 1.000 people each invest 1.000 US-Dollars or Euro for, let’s say, 10 years than guarantees can be given for projects in the town.
      The LGF is a idea how people can help themselfs. Nesseq has no connection to the LGF’s. Nesseq does not get any money, fees or decides what to do with the funds. It’s about self help.
      People can’t donate to Nesseq, we would prefere if the people invest in a LGF.
      Thank you very much,

  3. Sven

    Dr. Max.

    I am big fan of this Idea, i mean this idea is one of the best to fund poor people who wants to help other poor people.

    how is works ? and how i can get some money from you by using your fund loan system, could you please post the full details.


    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Sven,
      thank you for your comment. The idea of the Loan Guaranty Fund (LGF) is not to get the money from me but to organize such a LGF in your town. Even better, in your neighborhood.
      If all the members of the LGF decide to invest the money in Haiti or somewhere else is up to you!

  4. Mr John Jones

    Hello Dr. Maxim, For your kind attention.

    I will be very glad if you do assist me to relocate some huge amount of money to your country for an investment purpose for the benefit of our both families and to help you with your Loan Guaranty Fund project and to help your Totem System project.

    This is a genuine business, only i cannot operate it alone without using a Foreigner who will stand as a beneficiary to the money. that is why i decided to contact you in a good manner to assist me and also to share the benefit together with me.

    Mr John Jones

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Reader,
      those money artists seem to have find my web site and are trying to suck money out of me. Be wary of such offers. It is a scam. The only thing coming out of it is your money out of your pocket into the hands of those gentlemen!
      Max Nadel

  5. Carol Mayberry

    Dear Dr. Max:

    I am Carol Mayberry. I worked for the Federal government for 37
    years. During that time I received numerous performance awards and satisfactory performance appraisals. My duty station was at the Environmental Protection Agency in their Region 7 office, Kansas City, Kansas.

    I was assigned to a new supervisor, a white female. At the time, I was the only black person working for this supervisor. After just a short time working under her supervision, she called me into her office and told me that my facial features made me look angry and scared people and that my facial features adversely impacted my ability to do my job satisfactorily. My facial features were inherited
    from my African American ancestors and I cannot help how I look. To protest this injustice, I filed an EEO complaint against this supervisor and then the nightmare really began. This supervisor launched a retaliation campaign of harassment against me that ruined my health and forced me into retirement.

    The agency covered up my complaint after it was accepted by simply not processing it. I have run into bias both in the EEO process and in the courts. After paying an attorney a huge sum of money, he suddenly refused to appeal my case further. Although I have no legal background, on July 8, 2010, I filed the attached MOTION FOR LEAVE TO PROCEED IN FORMA PAUPERIS and PETITION FOR A WRIT OF CERTIORARI with the Supreme Court.

    My goal is to get the Supreme Court to rule that Federal agencies must be held to the same standards of compliance as the complainant so that agencies will not continue to profit by manipulating that process to their own advantage. Many Federal employees face this same “wall” when they exercise their rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Please read my story, maybe you can help me and other Federal employees in our fight for justice under the Civil Rights Act.

    Please Help me Dr. Max with your Loan Guaranty Fund.


    Carol Mayberry

    • Admin (Max)

      Ms. Mayberry,
      I am sorry to hear about the injustice done to you. But I really don’t know how to help you. I am not even an American citizen.
      The Loan Guaranty Fund is nothing but an idea yet. The idea behind it is that the people in their neighborhood will establish such LGF’s.
      Again I’m sorry not to be able to help you. I hope everything will turn to the better for you.
      Max Nadel

  6. amita vyan

    is it very truly you are lawn funding money away ??? we are from poor contry and i heard about your Loan Guaranty Fund article ( ), how we can get your LGF new approach to Ethical Banking and Micro Financing.

    • Admin (Max)

      Sorry people, but I am not able to lend anyone money. I myself have to slave away in order to support me. Nesseq is my calling and hobby.

      • amit

        i was told about your funding program from my friend, and i am veyr sorry to hear now your stoped funding us with your the lawn funding totem project to india, i hope you will give thoughts again for refunding us.

        i am veyr sad, our village is having hopes on your loan fund program.

    • Mr. David

      Be ware : Mr. Amita vyan
      Yeah, sure …. this max make so much money from donations and keep it for himself.

      We WANT our MONEY back.

      MR. DAVID
      proud american citizen.

  7. Johnhp

    I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don’t have suck a writing skills

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