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The Lean-TOTEM Technique

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This is the transcript of the YouTube clip with the same title.

Hi welcome to our Youtube channel. I am Max Nadel for
To day I want to introduce to you the idea of the L-TOTEM. The L-TOTEM is intended for remote villages without an infrastructure. It could also be useful in emergencies like floods and earthquakes.

The L-TOTEM is the lean version of the Total Energy Modulation. The concept of the TOTEM is a topic for a future clip on this channel. Suffice to say, it exploits all Inherent Energy.

The L-TOTEM is a simple idea how to utilize Solar Energy with widely available means. The yield is twofold – Electricity and Clean Water.

The contraption is build from spare parts of cars and everyone with some technical expertise should be able to build it.

Besides the technical aspects of the L-TOTEM there is also a clip about the background of the idea. You find the link below in the description box.

A warning before we start.If you want to build the L-TOTEM, please be very careful. The whole concept is based on high temperatures and pressure! And we don’t want you to suffer for a good idea.

Ok, let’s get into it!

First thing, we go to the next junk yard. There we get an oil drum, an alternator and the pipes.
Cut the oil drum lengthwise. Coat the inside with chrome paint and it becomes a concave mirror.

The mirror can move vertically and horizontally to catch every beam of light.

Along the whole length of the mirror is the oil pipe.
When the oil heats in the morning hours it starts the circuit.

The hot oil is lead to a heat-exchanger in dirty water. The oil is much hotter than 100 degrees Celsius. The water boils and evaporates.

Pressure is built up and the steam drives an alternator. Electricity is produced.

The steam rises and is cooled off on an elevated point. Add pulverized stones and it becomes potable.

A water-mill could be added, although I guess the Energy Efficiency Rate will not be really substantial.

This is basically the L-TOTEM, but with the same idea and materials a Power Chimney and a Wind Mill can complete the energy ensemble.

The Chimney is build from metal of cars. The sides of the Chimney facing the sun are painted in black and strengthen the draft within.

For the Wind Mill the oil drum is cut into smaller blades. No matter from where the wind blows it will always turn the turbine.

To a later point it would be really beautiful if Bio-gas would be added.

The L-TOTEM is nothing but the first step. There is no reason, why a village can’t have multiple L-TOTEMs.

This is all for today.
I hope you liked this simple idea.

Again, if you think about building the L-TOTEM, be warned. The L-TOTEM employs heat and pressure. So be very careful. The best is, if you could do it under the supervision of retired engineers, science teachers or experienced mechanics.

If the TOTEM is built for personal or educational purpose it is free of charge. If someone wants to commercialize the idea of the L-TOTEM, or parts of it, copy right laws apply!

Please like, share, comment or co-operate. If you decide to build the L-TOTEM, don’t forget to give us the credit and share your experience on our channel.
If you would like to support us, buy a T-shirt at

Until the next time, I am Max Nadel for and I wish you all the best.

Theoretical Background L-TOTEM

An interesting fact I just heard after the production. The UN declared Internet access as a human right! Now let’s get it done. Chop, chop!

This clip describes the technical side of the L-TOTEM.

This clip is about the theoretical back ground of the L-TOTEM.


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