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The L-TOTEM Back Ground

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The Lean Total Energy Modulation.This is the transcript of the clip on YouTube with the same title.

Hi, welcome to our YouTube channel. I am Max Nadel for .

In this clip I want to explain the idea behind the L-TOTEM and and why it is so important. The technique can be seen on another clip on our channel. You can find the link down below in the description box.

Suffice to say, the L-TOTEM it is a simple contraption build from spare parts of cars and intended for remote villages without a infrastructure. It could also prove to be useful in emergencies like floods and earthquakes. Cars are almost everywhere on this planet and could and should be salvaged.
The yield of the L-TOTEM is electricity and clean water.

The technology is simple and people can build it themselves. Instead of waiting for progress to arrive, they can just build the L-TOTEM!

Let me clarify, what TOTEM means. TOTEM means Total Energy Modulation. By exploiting all Inherent Energy in the natural environment the Energy Efficiency Rate is raised. Or, as in the case of the L-TOTEM more than one yield is achieved in one and the same process. Electricity and clean water.

For more information about the TOTEM and the Inherent Energy  visit Nesseq. The link is down below in the description box.

A little bit about Nesseq.
Nesseq stands for Network for the Environment and Social – human – Security.
Instead of human security one could also say economic security. Human security is simply more inclusive than just economy.
A human being has to be secure in society!

Understandably poor people are not so much interested in the integrity of their natural environment. Poor people are foremost interested in survival. Economy before ecology!

There are still many millions of people in this world living in abject poverty. Without electricity and clean water.

Poverty is not just a matter of human suffering or a matter of our collective shame. We are well into the 21. Century and poverty is still a global problem. This is shameful!

Besides the human suffering and the shame poverty is also an ecological issue.

Today around 7.5 billion people are populating the planet. But this is not the final number, the situation is highly dynamic.
In the year 2050, in a little more then 30 years, world population will reach 9 or even 10 billion

With the present number of people, we can already see the global ecology in distress. Climate Change is the symptom of the underlying disease.

The more people share the space on earth the more Mother Nature has to suffer. The dynamic of the global population growth rate has to be stopped!

And there is only one way to do it.
Economic development. The Economic-Demographic Paradox proves, that the poorest people have more children than the more affluent ones.
Every other solution would be straight out of the handbook for the little fascist, don’t kid yourself!
Economic development is the only humane solution.

This is where the L-TOTEM comes into play.
Perhaps the electrical output is not very high but clean water is a value in itself. Even if the electrical output is only enough to run a computer and to access the Internet, is a giant step towards better education and the first step out of poverty.

Google, as well as Facebook, want to provide Internet access to poorly developed areas in the poor countries. The supply is not so much the problem. Solar powered drones are developed and other technologies are being considered. The problem is on earth. Where should remote villages get the power to surf the Internet?
From the L-TOTEM of course!

This is all for to day. I hope you liked this presentation. Please like, share, comment, co-operate and subscribe.
Support Nesseq by buying these exclusive T-shirts, designed by yours truly. The link to  is down in the description box.

Thanks for watching and until the next time, I am Max Nadel for Good bye!


I learned after the production, that the UN has declared Internet access a human right. Right on! Now we just need just to do it!


This is the clip from YouTube.

This is the clip about the technique.

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