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The Housing Bubble

Posted by on Jul 24, 2011 in Ecology | 5 comments

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The Israeli news paper Haaretz, July 24.2011 (1), reported about a demonstration, which took place in Tel Aviv the night before. It was held in protest, against the catastrophic housing situation. In Israel in general and especially in Tel Aviv. This demonstration was the mobile form of protest, the immobile one is the Tent City (2) in the north of Rothschild avenue in Tel Aviv.

The housing situation in Tel Aviv is, no joke, catastrophic. I, personally, know of some apartments in Tel Aviv, that if you would let a dog live there you would get in trouble with the local animal right’s militants. Because the demand for flats is higher than the supply, the lease is skyrocketing. Especially students are affected. Most of them have to work part time in order to pay the tuition, foodstuff and a shelter. Not to mention, that young people also have the right to kick back, to enjoy themselves, which, alas, is also quite expensive in Tel Aviv.

So actually the problem is two fold. First there are not enough apartments in Tel Aviv. And many of them are in regrettable conditions. The shortage leads to the high prices. It becomes a vicious circle. The seeker will accept anything just to get a permanent place, so that the landlords do not need to refurbish the apartments. All the while the red tape does not make it easy to build houses.

Even prime minister Netanyahoo (3), who knew of the looming crisis for years and has not done anything about it, of course, sees immediately the PR-Potential in the protest and asked the participants to all come to Jerusalem. To help him to fight against bureaucracy (4). Of which he, himself, is the head. He can initiate laws if he wants to, but I’m not aware of many. Netanyahoo seems to be totally clueless and is twisting the facts. The party to be blamed is, of course, bureaucracy! He describes Bureaucracies as a scapegoat for the inability of the politicians to bring the laws, which regulate the bureaucracies, up to speed. And there is no other politician like you in the whole of Israel, but you Mr. Netanyahoo. You lead the elected government.

Our prime minister should instead should have asked the people to help him fight the inertia of the law makers in the Knesset. New laws have to substitute for old laws, so please wake up! As a politician, one cannot ask the people to march against the parliament, this would mean a revolution. When the old farts in parliament will eventually find the concept and translate them into laws, it will still take time until the laws become effective. Netanyahoo estimates at least 3 years. But as so often with estimates of politicians, it will probably be much longer. And until then the tent cities will turn into something permanent?

This is not a solution.

It is really easy to bash politicians, who are all exposed to political pressure from all kinds of groups. And in Israel especially, many internal problems are always less important than the security and peace efforts. So the politicians are a lofty bunch who have lost contact with the reality of the common man. Still we expect them to come up with the solution. The protester them self refuse to find a solution.

Citation from Haaretz, July 24.2011,

“In her speech, Daphni Leef, who initiated the protest, called upon the elected government to find solutions to increasing housing  prices. “We’re constantly being asked what we want and we say, ‘Affordable housing for all.’ They tell us, ‘Suggest solutions,’ and we say, ‘Why? That is what we have elected representatives for.'”

This attitude is exactly what we, at Nesseq, always try to fight. How can one expect of someone else to find a solution if one is not ready to participate in finding a solution? Just to delegate the task to other, the elected politicians, is the easy way out and contra productive.

We, at Nesseq, can offer a simple solution. Let us build in the old port of Tel Aviv the Center of Maritime Living (5). The space is available and the CML could be built fast and could easily house a couple of hundred people. There are other public places in Tel Aviv and all over the country where such dwellings could be erected. Those places are not intended as a permanent resident, but as a way to lessen the strain in the housing market. Of course, the centers would have to be as ecological as possible, with an integrated Total Energy Modulation System – TOTEM (6). As soon as the market relaxes, because less people look for flats, the prices will fall to a tolerable level and we would be able to gather ecological experience!

This problem is not only a local one, but one which spans the whole world. In the middle of this century 9 billion people will have to be accommodated. It is time to find solutions now, so we will be prepared in the future!


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* Correction: In my response to the comment of Kiera I wrote, that I am a friend to the plight of the Palestinians. This is wrong, since I don’t want the Palestinians, or anyone else, to suffer. I should have written, that I am a friend to the Palestinians in their plight!


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  1. joel

    Housing bubble just starting, it looks like the news in 2006- “houses can only go up in price”, it’s almost the same as in Israel now. The housing prices our just too high for people to buy. I think the same things that happened in America in 2008 housing bubble will hit the Israeli market soon.

  2. Andy


    Your site is running very slow in the last few days, i keep reading your stories, i wanted you to know, seems there is a problem with your server.


    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Andy,
      thank you very much to call my attention to the problem. I’ll see what can be done.
      Thank you for following my stories and keep on visiting
      All the best,

  3. Kiera

    Max you becoming very boring with your article, repeating the same s**t over and over !! who care about israel ! norway murder loves israel and surpport it

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Kiera,
      I am sorry to hear, that I bore you but the gist of my article is not so much the situation in Israel. It is about the prevailing attitude of the people, that someone has to find a solution, just not me. I think this to be a wrong stance. If I have a problem, I have to find a solution. To the housing problem, which is a global one, I offer some solutions. But, alas, no one wants to implement it and I, personally, don’t have the means. Neither money nor the people to pressure the politicians.
      About that mad man in Norway, I can only express my deely felt sorrow for all the victims. But only because that man feels to be a friend of Israel does not mean he is one. No one is a friend of any one if one resorts to violence. I feel as a friend to the plight of the Palestinians. But only because the stupidity of the Muslim terrorist I won’t turn away from the Palestinians. Please do not blame others for the deeds of mad men.
      All the best,

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