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The Fear of Climate Change

Posted by on May 12, 2010 in Climate Change | 4 comments

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Every once in a while we, at Nesseq, get comments of people, which simply deny the very possibility of a Climate Change.

Not enough that they deny the possibility of a Climate Change and would substantiate it with some facts, those people attack the people who warn of a possible Climate Change.

It should be enough to look at the history of planet earth to see that the climate is always changing. The small window of a favorable climate in which humanity could strive to reach the heights of the past and today might be closing soon.

To deny such a possibility means that the world is static, that Evolution has come to an end. If that is so, then the Doppler Redshift, which shows that the universe is expanding, is not real. Physics is for fools. So why is the earth’s core still active? Volcano activities and Earth Quakes are the prove that the earth is still active! And Storms and Floods that the climate is very much active.

The question is whether a possible Climate Change is caused by man or whether it is really a natural cycle? If it is the result of man kind, the solution would be easy we just have to change our way of life. Particularly if the World Population keeps on growing at such a rate! If the Climate Change is part of a natural cycle  we would better get prepared for a worst-case scenario.

If it turns out that the climate is not changing after all nothing has happened. We just have changed our way of live. Something which has happened in the last 200 years more often then in all of human history before. Just as it was pure science fiction 50 years ago that computers will dictate daily life in the beginning of the 21. century, so do we have to adapt our way of life to a ecological society 30-40 years from now. Hesitation today might mean a waste of time and energy!

What can be done today without much efforts will demand much more efforts later!

So far I hope I could make the position of Nesseq clear. But the question remains why the Climate Change Deniers are so adamant to refuse the slight possibility of a changing climate? As can be seen by their comments, some of those deniers are getting quite upset about it. Can the reason be a psychological one? Is it because the effects of the climate change are not instantly experienced or is it simply wishful thinking? Or is it, that those people are trying to hide their fear behind an aggressive stance? Or is it that those people are afraid of the changes demanded of them?

Whatever the reasons are the simple fact that a possibility is being ignored is irresponsible. To say climate is not changing, so therefore we don’t have to do anything about it is like saying, nothing is ever going to happen to me, so I don’t have to have any insurance. The climate change deniers could just as well take the lock out of their doors because they were never burglarized.

Would you tell a child not to study hard because life will take care of them? Or are you going to tell the child to study and work hard in order to have a better future?

I have personally met Jews from Germany which have thought in the 20. and 30. of the last century that Hitler was only a storm in a tea cup. This, it turned out, was a terrible illusion. Everyone who has read Mein Kampf of Hitler could have a premonition of things to come.

Now I don’t want to compare the Holocaust to the Climate Change but in the end the victims of climate change will be much higher, just because world population is much higher.

If the climate change is happening our generation will be cursed by the future generations.

Because today is the time to fight a possible Climate Change!

This is what Nesseq is all about. Even if it means to eat less Meat and to built a TOTEM System in the neighborhood.

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  1. Milton Lake

    I truly like what you posted right here, and what Professor Casey M. posted and it may be somewhat improved, but you have definitely place in some best notch energy and I hope you continue to keep it up. Your site is absolutely inspiring Max Thank you!

    Milton Lake

  2. Professor Casey M.

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Dear Max, allow me please to add few important points to your important subject:

    First : Climate Change is not just a theory, its a FACT.

    Humans are putting earth on a fast-track to catastrophe. They are creating the same conditions that in the past provoked global temperature rises of 5C, destroyed ecosystems, caused widespread extinctions and raised sea levels by 150ft.

    Records of past climate change show that it starts slowly, then the system crosses a kind of threshold and it suddenly accelerates, Our studies suggest that earth is now on that fast track to global warming.

    Until now many scientists had thought climate change would take centuries to unfold. But scientists now believes that disaster could be a few decades away.

    Greenland ice cap is melting faster than expected. If the entire ice sheet now covering Greenland were to flow into the oceans, it would raise sea levels by about 21ft.

    An even greater reservoir of freshwater is the Antarctic continent and the west Antarctic ice sheet is also melting faster than previously thought. So much water is currently locked up in the Antarctic ice sheet that if it melted it would raise sea levels by a further 150ft or more.

    It sounds apocalyptic almost impossible that such great changes could happen at all, let alone faster than predicted. But scientists are now finding evidence that a dramatic shift in climate has occurred before with extraordinary rapidity.

    The Pleistocene period witnessed more than 20 cycles of warming and cooling, and the last warming was thought to have taken place over centuries. Some scientists suggest the cycle of changes relates to shifts in the angle of the earth on its axis as it orbits the sun.

    Are we living in a world where the climate could change dramatically, not just in centuries but in a generation or two? Will the children of today find a very different climate in their old age?

    oh … too many questions.

    thank you Max for your great site.

  3. Andy H. Jr.

    Hello Mr Max, you keep saying climate change and climate change over and over, judgment day is tomorow, but what you exactly doing for the climate change except talking ??

    you are like priest talking and telling everybody tomorow is end of the days and he is doing thing every single day in the church for 50 years or more, and nothing is happening !! you know why ? because this is all illusions and lies. and you are helping to spread it.

    talk the talk and walk the walk.

    • manx

      Yes Mr. Andy, I talk about the Climate Change and I offer some ideas what to do about it. Unlike other mighty organizations I am a single person without the means to build a TOTEM System. And I will keep on talking until I find another 999 or more people who are willing to establish a Loan Guaranty Fund!
      Perhaps you are willing to participate in one of the projects? That would be nice.

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