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The Ecological Holocaust

Posted by on Feb 26, 2011 in Ecology | 6 comments

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The Ecological Holocaust…The number of victims will exceed the victims of the original Holocaust.
The term Holocaust (1) means literally: an offering consumed by fire. It was originally coined, in order to specify what happened to the Jews during the Nazi Reich. Not to be forgotten should be all other victims, who suffered in the Concentration camps of the Nazis. As were the Gypsies, as the Roma and Sinti  community were called at that time. Amongst the victims were also homosexuals, devout Christians, Socialists, disabled people. Later on also prisoners of war and civilians from the  territories occupied by the Nazis.

World War II ended with a Nuclear Holocaust(2). Hiroshima and Nagasaki were burnt by atomic fire. During the Cold War the Nuclear Holocaust became a real threat. The one one Holocaust and the first nuclear one happened in the past and the other one was only a possibility, but still feasible. Thank God the nuclear confrontation did not happen. Except for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was the first and last time nuclear bombs were used against civilians.


Of course minor accidents did happen from time to time in the military and in the civilian use of nuclear power. Chernobyl (3) is the best example. Although it was not such a minor accident. About the accidents in the military not much is known, since such incidents are usually kept secret. With the fall of the East Block, the former Communist regimes, the threat of a nuclear confrontation between nations are regarded as almost non-existent. A different matter could be Nuclear Terrorism. But this is a topic so permeated with secrecy and conspiracy theories, that it would be useless to discuss it at all.

Understandably, Jewish scholars prefere at present the term Shoah (4) to describe what happened during WW II, since the Holocaust has lost it’s meaning through overuse. Shoah means in Hebrew calamity or catastrophe. Now, in the 21. century we all have to become wary of a new kind of Holocaust. The Ecological Holocaust.

Although this one won’t fit the meaning of the term. In the ecological Holocaust people will not burn, but rather drown. Still, the numbers of victims will exceed the numbers of the real Holocaust and the overall number of dead in World War II. About 50 million people lost their life for some stupid ideas of Herrenmenschen (Superhuman) and Untermenschen (Subhuman) and all the nonsense of Fascism. And of Communism, of course, with victims who had to suffer and die for the dreams of a classless society. Victims are never treated as equals!


Capitalism is something else, since it has, if not won, at least it survived the Cold War. Capitalism is also not a ideology as such. The whole idea of Capitalism is about economic growth. And the people in the capitalist countries of the 1. World have no reason to complain about their standard of living. Everyone seems to strive to share it. That exactly this kind of standard is rather destructive. The boundless consumption leads to an excessive need for resources and energy. With all the negative byproducts, as pollution and destruction of nature. This manner of human kind can be regarded as a cause. 7 billion people do have an influence on the system earth. Soon humanity will grow to 9 billion. The number of victims will exceed the victims of the original Holocaust and all the wars in the 20th century. The numbers will be in the hundreds of millions, if not in the billions. The sheer number of possible victims justify the use of the term Holocaust.

Just as in Germany in the 20th and the beginning of the 30th, the people should have known about the terrible plans of Adolf Hitler. His book Mein Kampf should have been read by all politically interested. The writings were already on the wall. As are the tidings of a possible Climate Change!


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