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The Ecological Dictatorship

Posted by on Jul 28, 2010 in Ecology | 11 comments

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The last century was coined by Dictatorships of all kinds and regardless of which political side, be it right wing or left wing.

The world has seen Hitler and Stalin, Mussolini, Franco and Pinochet. Let’s not forget Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot. And this is only a small sample of all the different dictators which ruled the 20. century. Hopefully the 21. century will have left this kind of political rule far behind. The remnants of this political system like that of North Korea will, hopefully, be soon abolished!

The reason why dictatorship were so rampant in the last century are beyond  comprehension. Perhaps it was always like it, just under a different label. Serfdom and Slavery were before and also not famous for the freedom granted to the common people. This was the reason for the French Revolution, which promised Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood, but soon turned into a kind of state terror. Which is the trademark of all dictatorships.

Those times are gone and the freedom now enjoyed by the majority of the people of the so called Free World should not be the privilege of the people of the rich and democratic countries. It should be shared by all the people of the world!

But this freedom is at stake right now. If the Climate Change is really going to happen in the near future an Ecological Dictatorship just might become necessary in order for humanity to survive.

This is not a negative Utopia or Vision, but a realistic possibility. The possible Climate Change is neither an excuse, as some people like the ones in think, for a dictatorship but might be the very reason for it!

If our livelihood is endangered, democracy and freedom might not be sufficient to secure a functioning society. Therefore some people will think the answer to it will be a dictatorship. This is not an inevitable progress, it is just a future possibility. The key to the problem lies in the present. If all of us will take a possible Climate Change serious and will do everything possible to prevent, or at least mitigate, Climate Change a dictatorship will not become a necessity in the future.

If we fail to do so today a dictatorship will be a viable answer to an ecological problem in the future. If Climate Change will be reality the Ecological Dictatorship will be the first dictatorship in history to be justified.

The real danger today is that totalitarian political parties, those from the right wing, will use Environmentalism as a vehicle for their ideology. Their goal is not an ecological society but a totalitarian regime!

But as democrats and freedom loving citizens we all have to work against any tendency of totalitarian regimes. For this we have to do everything voluntarily in our power to avoid the situation were a dictatorship will emerge again!

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    He obviously realised you fall for scams rather easily:

    “Hey the world’s in danger! We’re going to install a dictatorship!”

    You: “Hey! Yeah, good idea! Should I go dig my own grave now? Here’s my money and property in the meantime.”

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  6. Jim

    Max, I was riveted by this article. I was going to try to hold on till my family could get to the hospital but now I can die in peace.

    • Admin (Max)

      Sorry to hear about you being in the hospital and so. But I have one tiny request for you, if you see that Guy in the sky, send him/her my regards.
      🙂 🙂 🙂
      All the best and by the way, I hope you won’t have see that Guy for a long time to come.

  7. Elena

    Hi Max,

    Mao Tse Tung didn’t set out to be the world’s most lethal dictator. It was never his goal to kill more than 80 million of his own people. But then, sometimes things just happen. And anyway, somebody’s gotta be the world’s deadliest political leader.

    Oh yes, poor Mao.

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    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Reader,
      I never in my life had anything to do wit this gentleman. I have to warn all readers from scams like this. Never answer such offers, never get involved with those people, never send them money! It is just a scam!
      Max Nadel

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