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The Eco-Centric

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Statue by Max Nadel Eco-CentricThis is the transcript for the clip I posted on Youtube.

To day I want to talk about the Eco-Centric. The Eco-Centric is a statue I created. With it I try to visualize the state of our culture.

And it ain’t a nice picture.

Humanity has come a long way since our beginnings. Not so long ago, only some thousand years, we were seeking shelter in caves to protect us from nature.*

We were vulnerable, but we survived. And where are we now?

Now nature has to be protected from us human beings.

2.000 years ago human population was about 300 million people.  (1)

200 years ago global population reached 1 billion. To day humanity counts around 7.5 billion. In 2050, a mere 33 years, world population will be 9 billion people.

The sheer mass of people, past and present, is changing the face of the earth. Technology has created the situation and is exacerbated it.

We subjugate nature, we bend it to our will. We have entered the Anthropocene. (2)

We rule the world. We have truly become the Eco-Centric!

We, human beings have assumed a role in this world without knowing what we rule and how to rule it. We are mad kings, and queens, intent on destroying our realm.

We tear the tree out of the earth, we catch the bird in the sky. we spear the fish in the water and we squash the snake on the ground.

From the seas and to the mountains!

If we are really serious about the destruction of nature and the subsequent Climate Change, than we have to realize that we are only a small part of nature, We are not the center of nature. We have to find our space, our room in this Oikos, our home. (3)

We humans have to bow to nature and not the other way around.

Nature rules – not man!

If we miss this opportunity the Eco-Centric might just be the headstone on our graves.

This is the content of the Youtube clip.

But, of course, I try to sell my t-shirts. And here is the reason you should be wearing it. By wearing the Eco-Centric you show your awareness, your commitment. You say, you shout Enough, we need to change.

Displaying the Eco-Centric is also a great way in recognizing like minded people.

And people seeing the Eco-Centric will be confronted with the question, whether they want to be Eco-Centric?

*I wanted to add: and wild beasts. But this would be redundant, since, like anything else on earth, also wild beast are part of nature.

Updated on 26.02.2017

For more information what NESSEQ stands for, visit

1. World Population Estimate

2. Anthropocene

3. Oikos


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