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The Donalds McPresidency

Posted by on Jan 11, 2017 in Featured, Politics | 0 comments

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We have to give it to the Donald. He made it! Although he was the least qualified among a bunch of anyway mediocre competitors.
Competitors, who deny the influence of 7.5 billion people on the climate. They even go so far to proudly disclaim: I am not a scientist! But still they are debating science. And they all strived to be the next president of the USA. And, almost, all of them, at the same time, used the same line!
I am not a scientist! It was a selling point for Republican candidates.
Kudos to the yuuuge D! He denies climate change but I never heard him say I am not a scientist. He just claimed, that Climate Change is a Chinese hoax. And now he will be the president of the USA.

First time I saw the Don standing like monarch, on the downwards escalator, and declaring he runs for president, I did not think he would ever become the president.I thought him to be the joke. He wouldn’t last long. But what you know, the Don won the election. Sir Don, the Donald the first, is leader of the free world.
God have mercy on us.

Trump is not even president yet and already he has created an international crisis by talking to the Taiwanese prime minister and Red China was not amused.
I read about it on the 3.12.2016 in the morning on the Internet.
After some time, about afternoon, I came to realize how dangerous Trump is potentially.
Couple of years ago there was some dispute between China and Japan. The dispute was about some god forsaken islands and lots of maritime gas and oil. And Trump is doing his best to upset the balance.

During his campaign he promise to move the US-embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Oh Donnie Don, what could possibly go wrong?

Does Trump take into account, that every little fart of the president will be observed and interpreted by the media and foreign powers.
What is Trump able to do with the full power and might of the US of A?

Who will run his administration?
During his campaign the Donald said that his VP Mike Pence will be in charge of all internal and foreign policies. Donald’s task is to make America great again.
Didn’t we have that already with George W. Bush, where the real man in charge was Dick Cheney? Perhaps his beloved daughter Ivanka will be the man in charge?

The German word Trampel (phonetic like Trump with an l at the end) means bumpkin or clumsy oaf. I am afraid, that the Donald is such a Trampel in anything political.

Can someone please tell me the name of the guy, who wrote the script to this reality show? He is a genius! It is only a cosmic simulation?

Just to spite all his distractions, in the long run, compared to the George before him and the Donald after him, Obama will shine like a rare diamond.

Donald does from now on not to participate in the economic circle. From now on Donald is also the very beginning of the circle.
Until now Donald wad a buyer. He had to buy certain things and services.
Now, as president, he also becomes a genuine seller of rare assets.
The permits for Off-shore drilling and the sale of federal land, how much are they worth in US-dollar.
Under Tillerson Exxon mobile closed a deal with Russia in the realm of fantasy. 500 billion $. Yes ladies and gentleman, a staggering half a trillion dollars!
And Tillerson as secretary of state will just forget about the deal and carry on in his duties. You musta be kidding me!

Donald: “I’ll keep you in suspense.” This seems to be the basis of how he decides. Or he keeps it vague because he doesn’t know what stance to take. And then he decides just off the cuff.

The Donald ain’t a Duck, he’s a Peacock. With about the same IQ.

What about the Environmental Protection Agency? The President, of course. In this case, the President has already named his choice: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who is not only a climate change denier, but who also has complained about “unnecessary EPA regulations”.

I read quite a lot how the standing of America declined under Obama.
Imho, I think that Obama has tried in the beginning to do the right thing and tried to reestablish good relations with the Arab and Muslim world. It was the right thing to do after such a war against the arab nation of Iraq.
And all the reasons to go to war with Iraq were lies.
To treat people this way is beyond arrogance and humiliation. Too many people died for those lies. The Arab world had the right to demand some kind of a apology.
Obama tried and failed, but the question is, whether his successor will be much better than George W. Bush. The Donald is able to create international incidence because he is such an arrogant Trampel.


Update: I forgot to mention from where I got the picture of D.J. Trump. It was in a pamphlete I found on the street. Without any credit. So, I am sorry if I infringe on the copyright of someone but it can’t be helped.

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