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The Dictatorship of Nature

Posted by on Oct 17, 2010 in Ecology | 9 comments

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We all live in, what is called in German the Sachzwang. The dictionary translates it as Inherent necessity. I, personally prefer to call it the dictate of a situation. A situation which determines our actions. If one is not rich, one has to work. And even the rich person is not free from the Sachzwang, the wealth must be managed and increased.

It was always like that, we were limited because of technologies not yet invented. Humans once could not do what is today common. The other side of the human being, on the non-materiel level, religion or ideologies offer some kind of reassurance.

The force of money on human beings beats all other believes. The believe that money means luxury and social security. One has money, one has a roof above the head and enough to eat. With wealth one acquires today social recognition, if not fame. Not to mention luxury.

Except for the fame, once the social security aspect has been true while the world was sparsely populated.

This has changed radically in the last 200 years. At the beginning of the 19. century world population was 1 billion. Until

today the population multiplied 7 times and around the year 2050 nine times!

If every single citizen on earth would be rich, how would nature look like.  Every family living in an estate and everyone owning a car or even two. Of course, one also needs a secondary residence in the city. Life in the country side becomes boring every once in a while. Not to forget the parking lots for the cars. Once or twice a year a air travel to the remote parts of the earth must also be.

We can see how our world looks like with 7billion people. How will it look like with 9 billion people and everyone living as a rich person?

All this for an illusion that money can buy me all. The dictatorship of money comes to an end. After a time of expansion comes a time of shrinking. What is needed today is a diet for an obese body.

The more people the less space the individual has. Nothing can be done about it, it is simple mathematics. Limited space does not allow unlimited growth. The best way to save energy efficiently is to consume only what is really necessary. Alone this stance is a weakening of the dictatorship of money.

This dictatorship must make room to a dictatorship of nature. And not man or dictator decides but nature! Only nature and a good social fabric, not money, can guarantee social security and in a changed world with a different climate survival.

Nature has always dictated our way of living, only human beings have not recognized this simple fact of life. Always have we tried to enlarge our room in the Oikos, house of nature, always have we tried to be bigger, faster and higher. Now we begin to understand that this is the wrong approach to life. Therefore nature dictates how human beings have to live to regain harmony with nature. Human beings have to adapt to nature and not nature to human beings!

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  2. Johnie

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    • Admin (Max)

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  3. Jackie

    Actually I read it yesterday but I had some thoughts about it and today I wanted to read it again because it is very well written.

  4. Kerstin O.

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  5. maquiavelo

    nice read, keep up the good work

  6. eastlandgrl

    interesting, thanks

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