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The Cursed Generation

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christ-middle-fingerA generation is a certain age group at a certain time living on earth. Every generation is called according to the historic point they live. The generation of Ernest Hemingway (1899-19610) was called the lost Generation (1+2). In fact, the term was popularized by the author himself in his novel The Sun Also Rises. Hemingway credits Gertrude Stein (3) to have coined the term.

Generation X  is used to describe the post-World War II baby-boom generation. This term was originally coined by Douglas Coupland in his novel, Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture (1991). (4)

Now there is also the Generation Y (5). This the generation following generation X. Why? For no special reason but because Y follows X.

How will the Generation X, which is the Generation of active Politicians, be called in the future? Perhaps we will be called the Cursed Generation and it will not only be a title, but we will realy be cursed by the following generations. If the Climate will Changed people will suffer, will they simply take it as a judgement from heaven or will they ask if this process could and should have been stopped in time?

There are some people who flatly deny, that Climate Change is real. If Climate will change how could this people be called? Maniacs? Just because of the refusal to imagine a unwanted scenario?

But what about all those people who warn us about a terrible possibility and the only thing they do is to talk about it and talk about it. Talk about it and do nothing on a practical level.

As regularly as Christmas and Easter the climate change pundits are gathering every year on, more or less, exotic places to confer about Climate Change and Sustainability and who knows what else they are talking about in those conferences.

Last year it was in Durban, the year before it was in Cancun, this year it is in Doha (6). The people are really getting around. If they would not participate in these conferences, would the be unemployed? Would it be so terrible if it were so? The difference for the public would be non-existent. Most of us don’t ecven know that this summits convene and even less people really care about it.

As long as Climate Change is treated as a scientific problem and not as a socio-economic problem, nothing more will come out of such summits as empty words.

A scientific proof is not needed, theoretizing is futile. The only viable alternative are practical models. Models where the need for energy and resources are greatly reduced and where the economy is more oriented towards an increased quality of living and not on the standard of living. Was the median standard of living, let’s say, fifty or sixty years ago, in the USA and Europe so bad, that we don’t want to live on such a level? Most of the world population would be more than happy to live on such a level.

An important point is to rather have a person do certain jobs, than a machine. This saves a lot of energy and resources and provides employment. About this fact must not be discused, only a research plant must be established. Faults in the concept must be eliminated before the catastrophe strikes the world.

Ahhh, it did not strike us, will the common person say in a couple of year, Climate Change did not happen. So what? From the present perspective it might happen and we have to prepare for a Worst-case scenario. If it turns out to be a false alarm, so much the better. But at least this people can’t be cursed, if the Climate will Change. We have done what we could, to mitigate Climate Change and we try to prepare for such an eventuality!




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