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Tea Party on Wall Street

Posted by on Oct 29, 2011 in Ecology | 7 comments

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The world witnesses a social unrest. People around the globe are getting frustrated with the economical and social status quo. As a matter of fact, this unrest started first in the USA with the Tea Party Movement (1), which started in 2009 and is mostly affiliated with the Republican Party. Although, from afar, it seems, that their only objective is to make president Obama a one-term president, it also shows a certain frustration with the prevailing social and economic situation. The Tea Party accuses Obama to be anti-freedom and even to be a socialist. How true this is, I am in no position to know. But I would wary if this is true, since Obama actually bailed out the car industry, which has nothing to do with socialism.

In May of this year Spain was shook by mass demonstrations. Greece, in the wake of the Euro Crisis (2) followed suit. Around the same time the Arab Spring unfolded and die hard dictators like Mubarak were toppled. In the fall the virus of social unrest came to Tel Aviv, were the protesters set up a tent city on Rothschild boulevard. Many more cities were also inflicted and the fever crossed the ocean and Wall Street was occupied (3). From there the movement became truly global. It spread out almost everywhere on earth.

The message of the movement is clear, the financial and economic system is foul to the core. The system supports the rich 1% of the population and the rest goes under. Inflation is rather low and employment is high. Inflation is, when more and more money is spilled into the market. That means, that if inflation is low the amount of money is stable. If the rich are getting richer than their money has to come from the poorer people. Which means that the Have-not have even less. This policy was called in my country the the Teapot policy. According to this theory, if the tea is poured for the rich, some of the tea will trickle down for the poor. Again it is political wishful thinking and has nothing to do with reality. The rich get the most and the poor get some drops. If at all!

Shouldn’t it be the other way round? It would be much more sensible to pour the tea for the poor and let the rich have the drops. If the poor have more money they will spend it on the goods in order to raise their standard and quality of living. They will not put their money in foreign banks as the rich do. The money remains in the local and national economy and thus jobs are created.

That is one point. The other point is, that the bail out of banks and corporations is actually anti-capitalistic. The capitalist tries to pitch their system by telling us that taking risks is part of the concept and should be rewarded. But alas, this is not so in reality. The captains of business wreck the ship and ask the government to bail them out. And the captains get a cushy compensation for their failure. While the common people are paying the bill as can be seen with the foreclosures in the USA. Mitt Romney (Clip) even asserts, that the foreclosures should be handled more aggressively. Does he really have the welfare of the people in mind or the welfare of the 1%? The answer is self evident. The big capitalists do not take any risks, the public does!

So far so good. Perhaps the Tea party does not agree with it, but I think the Occupier of Wall Street will. The question is if the complains of all the social movements is enough in itself? I think not. Now is the time to get organized and to establish an alternative, a parallel economy. The legal ground work even exists in the heart land of capitalism, the USA. Even there Co-operatives already exist. Now is the time for us, the disenchanted, to stop complaining and establish co-operatives and to become a true alternative to the piggish capitalism. Now is the time to establish a humane capitalism, where profits are not maximized but quality of life. A society where the status of the individual as a human being is secured! This website offers some ideas what could be done. Of course the ecological ramifications have to be considered as well.

One important point, which is greatly ignored in the aforementioned movements is, that Sustainability (4) is the economic concept of the future. This is the chance of the social movement to build functioning model, based on the slogan, Think Globally and Act Locally (5).

To expect the solution from the politician is moot.Why should we trust politician? The legalized the greed of the rich. Even Warren Buffet (6) feels bad about it. We should stop complaining and take matter in our own hands!



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  1. LongLiveRock'nRoll

    Interesting article. The rich are getting richer, the middle class are stupified and the poor are dying.

    The Illuminati is pushing their agendas for a NWO. But of course, the majority of people who’ll read this will label me as a “paranoid conspiracy theorist” – because they are all so blind.

    I’m glad I’m not living in the USA, the Illuminati capital. I’m safe in sunny South Africa… or am I?

  2. Elizabeth McQuilkan

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  3. 劈腿

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  5. thomas sabolevsky

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  6. afshin

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  7. Rodney A.H. Albert

    Dear Mr. Max Nadel this is a hard piece of my mind because i am humbled by my choice of words i chose in a digtal form. I apologize for myself and any one how represents me.I have always been an admirer of your innovative visionary perception and your creations of the Totem. My intent was not to offend you. Please accept my apology gracely. Just trying to do something with my life and things havent worked out as i imagined so far.

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