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Sweet Home Earth

Posted by on Nov 22, 2010 in Ecology | 5 comments

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Unless one is a Messy, that’s someone who suffers from the Messy House or Diogenes Syndrome, every one wants to live in a clean house, in a clean environment. The clean dwelling might be reality but the overall state of earth rather resembles a pigsty!

Considering how much pollution is released into the air, water and soil this conclusion is not too far fetched.

But the question is not just one the ambiance. It is rather a moral and hygienic question. Who wants to live in a pigsty and can we treat nature, which feeds us, in such a way?

How would we treat a dog who bites the hand that feeds him? We would put the dog to sleep. Perhaps not today in the affluent societies, most would send their dog to specialized psychologist. But this is a fairly modern way of keeping animals, this was not so in the old days.

Why would nature not treat us the same way? Because we believe, that we humans are the center of nature? That only we human can think and that only by thinking things can be changed? Nature is not able to think as we do, but there is nothing to think about. Nature tries to remain in balance. It is a perpetual process and human distraction is nothing but a sting of a mosquito, which get’s smashed for being annoying.

The sting of humanity on earth is much more annoying then that of a mosquito and if humanity succeeds to destroy the natural balance the end of humanity might be close. But this possibility does not seem to disturb anyone. Neither politicians, businessmen nor the clerics. Our political and economic system of profit maximization is more important as a clean and intact environment.

All of us have to answer the question, whether we want to live in a pigsty or in a clean environment. The answer should be obvious and the there is a lot which everyone of us can do. This website is full of viable examples and there must be many more ideas in the world, which would help us to turn the wheel towards a ecological future.

When we will begin to understand that we have only one home and this is sweet home earth!

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