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Sustainable Cities?

Posted by on Dec 22, 2010 in Sustainability | 21 comments

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According to the website Sustainable Cities from Denmark, which introduces cities throughout the world who claim to be Sustainable.

One example is the city of Jamshedpur in India. This city is Harvesting Rain Water.

The central water collector is the artificial Dimna Lake, some 13 kilometer away from the city. An enormous infrastructure is needed to manage this amount of water from the city to the lake. Three main pipes transport the water to the lake.

The infrastructure is already built and it would be foolish not use it. But it must be clear, that this megalomaniac concept of a infrastructure is not sustainable and in no way an example for cities, which, as yet, do not harvest rain water.

The solution is a simple one, instead of thinking big, the solution is found in the small level.

This is also happening in Jamshedpur and for this it must be praised. Even local schools, residential colonies and housing complexes will harvest rain water.

What Jamshedpur does not seem to do is to use Thermal Solar Panels to produce energy and in the same process distills the fluids from the sewage.

The strain on the existing infrastructure will in time lessen, which will make maintenance much easier and cheaper for the public!


Another example is Madrid in Spain. The city government of Madrid, Spain must be commended. It has set itself the objectives to develop the city a new traffic plan. Whole infrastructure for this purpose are reserved for the alternative transport. In 1995 the High Occupancy Vehicle lane was opened in North-West Madrid. It means, that a lane is reserved for cars which transport more than one passenger.

The author of the article mentioned the Lightweight vehicle and Biofuel as part of the solution in public transportation. But the author did not go into details concerning the lightweight vehicle. This is, what we at Nesseq, call the Ultra Light City Vehicle (ULCV).

Someone called Dave, mentioned in a comment a car sharing concept, which is rather a car rental. If someone needs a car s/he rents one. The ULCV would be the ideal solution for such an enterprise. The ULCV, since it only drives in the city does not have to drive faster then 50-60 kilometer per hour and could be built for 1 to many more. That the buses for public transportation in the city are built to drive faster as the necessary 50-60 km/h is simply a waste of resources and energy. Also the car rental could be run by a Communal Co-operative.

Those are only two examples of many more and it is really encouraging that things are moving in the right direction. But one cannot help the feeling that much more could be happening and it must be much faster! Cities have the biggest potential to develop Sustainability but it seems to take a awful long time until something is happening.

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