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Sustainability in the Village

Posted by on Sep 18, 2010 in Sustainability | 9 comments

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The term Sustainability has become a slogan. Everyone knows the word but no one has seen sustainability! It seems, that the term was born by some concerned scientists in universities, but in normal live nothing can be seen what would resemble a sustainable way of live. Not even in the universities! It seems, that everyone, on a high level, involved in sustainability tries to impose sustainability on the existing system. The inherent problem of those people is, that they don’t really have a sustainable model, which could functions on a daily basis.

Although, there is such a model!

The Village
The best example is a isolated village, without the technology of today. We should always keep in mind, that modern technology kick started only 200 years ago with the invention of the steam engine. Before, only sustainability guarantied survival. This system has functioned for thousands of years. Why would any one change a winning horse with a lame one. Every concept cooked up in a university is by it’s nature inferior to the natural model, the village. So the ancient village is the winning horse and intellectual concepts are not!

Climate Change and World Population Growth

Be it the Climate Change or World Population growth, both demand a different to govern our daily life! It is now the time to remember the ways of the past and add to it modern technology. This will be the way of the future. In order to accommodate a world population, which will grow in the next decades, until 2050, by 30% to be 9 billion, the buildings have to be high rises. Another reason to build vertically is, that space must be allocated to nature to revitalize itself.

Cars and Traffic

Alone this fact will have a impact the existing car industry. Cars drive on a horizontal plane, but to go from the ground floor to the roof an elevator is needed. It is also impossible to provide all the citizens of the world, in the 1. and the 3. World, with as many cars as is usual in the affluent world. What are the sustainable plans of the industry and government  prevent all the workers in the car industry to become unemployed? This example is about cars and the respective industry. What about other industries, which will have to adapt to sustainability or will have to vanish?

Plans for Sustainability

Where are the feasible plans how to create a sustainable economy and society? But all those plans cooked up by egg heads are not necessary, the ancient village shows us the way and the technology introduced in Nesseq, like the TOTEM System, make a sustainable society viable!

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