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Sustainability and the Health System

Posted by on Sep 5, 2010 in Ecology | 6 comments

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The failure of the prevailing financial system seem to be in just one persistent crisis. The sum of all single crises adds up to one single crisis’s.  Almost every year, somewhere on this planet, there is a Financial Crises, which influences the global economy.
It is about time to diagnose all those little ailment in one single body, global society, as one of fatal ailment. If the earth would be seen as a human body, the patient would already be in the emergency ward.
Sustainability is, who remember since when, sold as a viable economic alternative. It has to be economical! But in daily life in daily life nothing is in sight.
The fault lies in the basic mindset of profitability. For both parties, conventional economy and the sustainable fraction, the economic cost-efficiency is the most important.

In the end, every little step becomes a economic unit. In practice it means, every step of, for instance, a nurse has a certain time limit. Every step too much would cost too much money and would not be economical viable. The crisis of the health system is a big part of the financial system. More and more people are getting older and become in old age nursing cases.
How can the nurses really care for the patients, if they have only 5 or 10 minutes allocated for the personal contact?
How can human contact and emotions be translated into money?
This is a chance to create sustainability in hospitals and nursing homes. Let’s cut of the work time of the workforce by the amount they have to work and pay for their old age and the time saved will be used for social tasks. Such as supporting the nurses in the nursing homes. The nurses can take care of their business and the people will take care of the social contact with the patients.
An other thought could be to involve handicapped people in public tasks. As it is usual today, handicapped people are being held away from the public. As though people are being disturbed by them. And perhaps it is so, but this is so because we let it happen. Handicapped people are part of society and should be in the center of society.They are part of live and to ban them from normal life is inhuman for them and a loss for the so called normal people.
This would save society a lot of money and the handicapped people would feel part of society. Something, which would help them to feel much better than to be living and working in the periphery of society.
The money saved with such measures would also mitigate the susceptibility of society for the omnipresent financial crisis.

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