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Summer Time and the Waters are Flowing!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2010 in Water | 15 comments

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It is summer again, at least in the northern hemisphere, and it is hot, very hot indeed.

In the southern part of France, a couple of weeks ago, a devastating flood occurred. 19 people died. Now floods are always happening and in some parts of the world it is totally normal for floods to happen during the summer, but not in southern France with it’s Mediterranean climate.
In the south of France it should be quiet dry in the summer.

It could be regarded as a freak of nature if this incident would stand all alone but the List of Floods 2010 show that it is becoming a regularity. More comprehensible is the List of Floods of the 20th century. And not even all floods are even listed.
But this is not the topic of this post, I just thought it should be mentioned in a post about water in the summertime.

The topic of this post is the waste of water during the bathing season as shown by the examples which have been recorded in Tel Aviv.

Air Conditioner and Water.

The weather is never good enough for people. In the winter they need heating to feel comfortable and in the summer they need air conditioner to keep the cool. During the process of cooling the air the inherent humidity condenses.

As you can see by the pictures of the bottle. The bottle contains 1.5 liter of mineral water, when bought in the supermarket.
I put such an empty bottle underneath an air conditioner and connected it to the bottle with a pipe.
It was 14:00 hours and it took about 20 minutes to fill the bottle with the Condensed Water of the Air Conditioner. Mind you,

it was 1 air conditioner. This amount of water must be multiplied by a couple of hundred thousand AC’s in Israel. The amount of condensed water from all the millions of air conditioners throughout the world is staggering!

This water is only a byproduct of cooling the interior of the buildings during the summertime.

Because it is a byproduct no one has the inclinations to use this water for irrigation or just to feed it into the sewage where it could be treated, for whatever purpose!

At the Beach

Another example is the beach life of Tel Aviv at the 16. July 2010 at about 14:00 hours.

It is a Friday and the beginning of the weekend. Anyway it is vacation time. The children don’t go to school and because of the rather calm political situation many tourist are visiting again the country. And they all go to the beach!

As can be seen by the pictures many people are using the showers to wash off the salt from the sea.

The other pictures show a row of showers to wash off the sand from the feet before leaving the beach. At the end of the row is a tap for the convenience of the people to drink from.

Drink water is used for the showers on the beach?

In a land like Israel where water is scarce and has to be divided by Israelis and Palestinians. Of course it is not equally divided. According to the human right organization B’Tselem the average Israeli uses about 240 liters of water, while the Palestinian gets only about 73 liters daily.
This is an unsustainable situation and the root for future conflicts.

Even the Israelis begin to understand the severity of the water situation. Of course, without regards to the Palestinians.
In order to solve the problem, Desalination plants are being built. As usual, the easy, Solar Energy, solution is neglected and the energy intensive Reverse Osmosis technology is employed.

The envisioned solution is a illusion.

The commercial tries to incite the citizens of Israel to save water, promises that the water crisis will be over in about 3 years, when all the Desalination plants will fully work.

What the beautiful, young Lady in the commercial doesn’t tell the people is, that the price for water will inevitably rise. This is so, because the Reverse Osmosis is expensive to operate and it will be even more expensive when the price for energy will rise again.

For the citizen it means, that to save water will always be mandatory. It is simply an absurdity to desalinate water in order to waste it on the beach or anywhere else.

The solution, at least on the beach, would be to use Solar Energy to desalinate water on each beach, which can be used for the showers and for irrigation.
On each beach could the technology, as introduced in the post of Nesseq, Water Waste, be utilized.

the problem, as usual,is that because the technology is cheap and the Solar Energy does not cost, monetary profits are low.
Money is more important then a solution!

Or is it?

Here, the commercial about saving water in Israel.

It is to be noted, that the whole campaign in all the medias, costs a lot of money. With only part of the money a lot more could be done, like the Solar desalination.

It is also noteworthy, that only the citizen are asked to save water, while the public authorities are wasting water.

The translation: If the tap only 2 drops of water per minute, it amounts to 397 liters a year!

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  1. lean acai

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  5. Mike

    Honstly …. Who cares about the water in israel? maybe in israel they do care! but i don’t care, write your article in israeli languages, why you use english ? so i can find you ?wrong audience dude !

    • wilmur bell

      you are stupid!!!!

    • Carrie

      Well, the article is good one, but it’s about israel and concerning israeli audience, someone from “china” have no much interest with how much water the average israeli spending on beach shower.

      I agree with Mike, i think he got a point 🙂

      p.s. also take in mind that Israel is not that popular country in the world, it’s like writing an article about wasting showers water in South Africa under apartheid. SORRY !! but this a fact.

      • Admin (Max)

        Dear Carrie,
        the point of the article was to show a specific area, in this case Israel, and how a lot of water could be saved. I assume the situation will be the same regardless of the geography. Be it on the beach in Shanghai or Los Angeles or anywhere else on this world. Even if Israel, and rightly so, is not that popular anymore in the world does not change the fact that the water is senselessly wasted all over the world.

  6. WP Themes

    Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.


    Don’t put in lush landscape. Don’t take long showers. Don’t leave the faucet running when it isn’t necessary. In short, don’t waste water. We’ve found out the hard way what happens in the dry times.

    • Nesrin

      Sarav makka Not sure about the cost effectiveness for silnge family homes, but with the raising APARTMENTS and BIG COMMUNITIES in chennai, it would definitely work out a smart idea to have these type of water re-used by filtering IN-HOUSE. Nice thought though How you have been..?.. Good luckRaj

      • Max Amiram

        Thanks Raj,
        I am good. Moved to a new place. You are enjoying yourself I gather. Keep on doing it!

  8. Mattilda

    Water Waste is : The washing down of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots and all other hard surfaced areas by direct hosing. An exception would be to properly dispose of flammable or other dangerous liquids or substances, or to prevent or eliminate materials dangerous to the public health and safety, in which case the hose is to be fitted with a shut-off nozzle;

    The escape of water through breaks or leaks within the customer’s plumbing or private distribution systems for a 48-hour period of time. A break or leak should reasonably have been discovered and corrected within that time;

    Irrigation systems that allow water to pond on the site, over-water or over-spray the areas being watered to the point where water is collecting and/or creating run-off.

    Thanks to Max for the article.

  9. Adrian

    Hi Max,

    Nice article as the usual, but just want you to know that there is a problem with openning the photos you have in the article, its freezing my computer for somehow, after many tries i decided to close your site and to check the reason, and its you are uploading huge size images 3246×2448 Pixels.
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    My suggestion make the photos smaller so people can enjoy reading your site.


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