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Spirituality and Climate Change

Posted by on Oct 11, 2010 in Ecology | 31 comments

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I am the last person to disapprove of spirituality. Although I am also very acerbic in my behavior with the spiritual people,

I recognize the need of people to ask questions about life and why and for what? From where do we come and where do we go?

The difference to religious people is, that religion is better much better organized. With spirituality one builds his own religion in a Do It Yourself way, without the whole bureaucracy and ballast of religion.

But the responsibility towards creation, whether there is a god or a universal energy as the cause, it is the all the same.

Spiritualism and Religion, both share the same dilemma. Human believing to be at center stage of life itself. The whole universe revolves around us. It is all about our personal communication, with either God or another form of being and form of energy.

Spirituality tells us, that life on earth is something temporary and I, human being, have to prove to be worthy of redemption and eternal life. This is the quintessence of the anthropocentric of yesterday.

Today human beings start to understand that this paradigm has to change. We need to understand, that humanity is only a part in the fabric of life on earth. That we only have a room in this Oikos and we can’t keep on expanding our room without jeopardizing the static of the house! We humans need nature, nature does not need us. That the way we treat nature is unacceptable. The life outside of you is the very reason of your existence. Only because there is life on earth we can exist. Our existence is first materialistic, and by being alive and being able to think and to feel can one get involved in spirituality.

The materialism on which life on earth depends on must be preserved. This is more important then anything else. Every spiritual person one has to understand it. Without matter there is no spirit. One depends on the other. But if only the spiritualism is promoted and viable technical and economic models are not developed by spiritual or religious people, one cannot take spiritual and religious people serious.

But as far as I see it neither spiritual nor religious people develop ecological models. Although if the climate will change we deprive future generation to become spiritual beings, because life will only be a matter for the very survival!

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    The problem started with the West. Earlier, the West was controlled by the Christian religion. So are the Christian religion and its teachings for their part responsible?

    Questioning the cause and impact of climate change from a religious perspective may seem provocative.

    How can religion and the media exert influence on environmental degradation? Can the climate discussion become a grassroots movement reflecting the realities of those most strongly impacted by climate change?

    religious leaders must encourage their followers to work with people of all religions. Collectively and on a spiritual basis, the climate debate can embark in a new, better direction.

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