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Space Station and Neighborhood

Posted by on Nov 15, 2010 in Ecology | 14 comments

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Humanity has come to a point where it has to rethink their place in this world. Instead of behaving as though we are the rulers of the world, we have to fit ourselves to what is best for nature. The alternative is to abolish nature altogether and live in Space Station. Not in outer space but on earth!

The believe, that human beings will survive in outer space is possible but not realistic. A couple of millions might settle in the future on the Moon, Mars or in a Space Station. But, by a global population, as of now, 7 billion take it for granted, you and your peers won’t be amongst the lucky ones. It is also a matter cost, today it cost 8.800 US-Dollar to send 1 kilogram into outer space.

If those astronauts can be called lucky, life in outer space will be like living in a high-security prison. Minus nature as a surrounding. Imagine, one does not see the sky, does not hear a bird, does not feel the breeze, there are no clouds in the sky and it has always the same temperature. And there is no escape from there! Life in space will not be as depicted in Star Trek but rather like in 2001: A Space Odysee.

Outer space is not a viable solution and in the meantime we should treat nature as one would treat ones home.

The home and the neighborhood as we know it today has to make place for a new concept of living. For this the space station should be the model.

The new urban concept must strive to achieve almost the same Energy Efficiency Rate as a space station.

The rate can be slightly less because, unlike the space station, the live on earth can be in an open circuit. It will be imperative to build the new condominiums higher as today and each neighborhood will have a TOTEM System. The social fiber will again resemble the village way of live as it once was. Old and young will live together, the healthy one and the sick. And people will work instead of machines.

That way much energy will be saved! 

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      Dear Terence,
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      Good luck and always keep in mind, the pioneers always have more difficulties.

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