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Solar Energy as step two to the TOTEM

Posted by on Nov 25, 2010 in Totem | 9 comments

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On the 17th of November I published the post Step One to the TOTEM, here is the continuation, step two. The first part treated Wind Energy. As can be seen at the examples from Youtube Wind Turbines already exist for rural as well as urban areas. The topic of this post is Solar Panels. In general there are two different kind of Solar Panels, the Photovoltaic Solar one and the Thermal Solar Panel. In this post we want to concentrate on the Thermal one. The reason is, that the Photovoltaic one is still not very efficient and much too expensive. Also the yield is only electricity and nothing else.

Thermal Solar panels are much more versatile and cheaper as Photovoltaic ones. They yield hot water, which can be turned into steam. The Steam could drive a Steam Engine and produce electricity. The hot water can be used in households. Washing machines would not need the whole heating apparatus since it gets the hot water from the solar panel. This would save a lot of resources and energy. Another yield would be that after the steam cools off the result is distilled water. After adding minerals in form of stone dust it turns into high quality drinking water. With the help of Thermal Solar panels the water distribution in buildings could be separated in to circuits.

  • One circuite for drinking water.
  • The other one for non-drinking use
    For toilets, showers, dish washing, irrigation etc.

 Here are some examples from Youtube.

Please pay attention to the sheer size of the facilities. For this a whole infrastructure must be built, with all the disadvantages of it. We talk here about small facilities, which work decentralized and are fit for urban environment. Power is produced next to the consumers!

Another example shows how Solar Panels work:

Here is an other interesting video clip:


 This clip shows how easy it is to build a Thermal Solar Panel. Even kids can do it!

The Solar Power Chimney is also a form of solar energy but is to be an integral part of the building.

 Here is a clip how to run a Steam Turbine with the help of Solar Energy.

The third step to the TOTEM System will be a Micro Hydro Turbine and will be treated in the sequel to this post.

The final step would be a Bio Gas facility, but this might be a little difficult in urban areas. But this problem can be solved, research must be done how to handle it. But there are countries, where the gas supply for cooking is done by gas bottles. So technical difficulties would be small, the problem would be a political one of getting the permissions.

But we are only at the beginning and a lot will change in the near future and the TOTEM System will be as common as cars are today!


*The image of the Sun: Courtesy to NASA.

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