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Posted by on Jan 30, 2011 in Ecology | 28 comments

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The last post in this website was about the way of life of former British prime minister Mr. Tony Blair and how he sees the way ahead. Mr. Blair, together with former US president George W. Bush, was responsible for the second Gulf war. The incentive for going to war were the alleged Weapons of Mass-destruction and the will to get rid of the dictator Saddam Hussein and to bring Democracy to Iraq.

The Weapons of Mass-destruction haven’t been found yet and the almighty CIA has not even bothered to forge them. At least to provide, an delayed, excuse for the war. About the progress of democracy in Iraq doubt is advisable. The country is being tortured by terrorism. And there is no end in sight.

All this for what?

The new year started off with a fantastic example how to bring down a dictator and how to install democracy in a country. The people of Tunisia(1) did it without noteworthy violence. The torch of freedom was taken up eagerly by the people of Egypt (2). Even in Yemen the people took to the streets and in other Arab countries the rulers are getting worried. Their regimes might be shaking as well in the near future.

All this makes the war in Iraq look as a failure in every respect. Non-violence is much more efficient than wars!

Let us not forget, the upheavals happened in countries where human rights were never high on the agenda of the rulers. The contrary was the truth. Still the people were fed up, disgruntled with the situation and took to the street and the change happened. In Tunisia the government changed and in Egypt Mr. Hosni Mubarak is under pressure to step down.

The people did not give in to the threat of the security apparatus of the country.

The Nesseq website is concerned with Climate Change and Social Security, what is the connection to what happens in the Arab world? The connection is a simple one. If the people in Tunisia and Egypt can topple dictators, why can’t the people in the highly developed countries move society in the right direction. This countries are democracies, where the human rights are held highly and there is no fear of the security apparatus. Especially since no one wants to topple the government or wants to change the political and economic system.

But as every system can’t be perfect it must be constantly improved. This is something the political and economic elite is not able to do. Were the able to do so, they would do it. The best example is Mr. Blair, once he spoke about Sustainability and now he wants to confront Iran. We all know that the global society has to change to a sustainable one. It is much talked about and not much is happening.

The elite is traveling from one summit to the next to talk about it. In December 2010 the Climate Summit was held in Cancun/Mexico (3) and now the World Economic Summit is held in Davos/Swiss. And the next summit is lurking around the corner waiting to be held, but nothing much is happening. We, the people are still in the dark how the sustainable reconstruction of society shall be.

The question is, what the people are waiting for. The solutions are simple ones. All the suggestion introduced in the Nesseq website are viable and quiet simple. For instance, the Loan Guaranty Fund (5). All that is needed is the will and 1.000 US-Dollars or Euros.

In Tunisia and Egypt hundreds of thousands of people took the risk of getting killed, but we in the affluent societies are not even willing to risk 1.000 bucks. If hundreds of thousands of people will take part in LGF’s, society can change for the better. Without violence!

The idea was already formulated by the German Green party with the idea of Basisdemokratie – Grass Root Democracy (6). But the idea was buried as soon as the party took part in governments.

We, the people have the power and in the democratic societies the legal frame work for such initiatives as a LGF or Co-operatives exist already. We just have to do it!

For further readings:

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2. Egypt

3. Cancun

4. Davos

5. Loan Guaranty Fund

6. Grass Root Democracy

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  1. Pamela Camlove

    I totally agree with you! Thanks.

  2. vibram five fingers

    I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.but what can I say…Thanks you seeking your information.

  3. Todd

    Hey I found your website by mistake when i searched Google for this concern, I need to point out your page is definitely useful I also seriously like the design, its good!

  4. Maria

    Psa 118:10 All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. (Though hostile nations surrounded me, I destroyed them all in the name of the LORD.)

  5. James the Big Thinker

    Why anyone in their right mind would even begin thinking that Obumbles had any core values or was even able to make a decision of his own and then take credit for it must be out of their ever loving minds. The only thing Obumbles knows how to do better then anyone else is SPEND MONEY like a drunken sailor and blame BUSH for every problem or idiotic mistake his simple minded a** can think up. Egypt would be better getting advise and help from someone like Sponge Bob Square Pants instead of Obumbles the magic Moonbat.

    Great Site, forget the climate change issues and go to politics 🙂

  6. John

    Its crazy how a ton of countries hate America’s freedoms and democracy, but as soon as something goes wrong in there country the first thing they do is look to America for help.

  7. Carla

    Don’t we already support these guys, finacially. When are we going to get the money back, that we support them with. When are all these countries going to start sending the money back. But yet, once we the American people owe money to the government. They will take it back, faster than you can blink.

    Same for the companies that we bailed out GM, AIG, and who ever else. How did this help out the economy. How did these CEO’s get millions of dollars in bonus. Instead of paying their, bailout back. Wake up and start making these people and countries accountable for the money, they recieved.

  8. Son of Israel

    You are a muslim !! and you calling out to a muslim. everyone in the fkn world knows that obama is a closet islamist except for all the naive Americans.

    • Admin (Max)

      Son of Israel,
      sorry to disappoint you, I am not a muslim. And I didn’t know that Mr. Obama is a closet muslim. How do you know? And I do not think, that to nuke the Middle East would solve any problem. If you got the right to do so, everyone else has got the same right. where would we be?

  9. Son of Israel

    Just nuke the whole middle east. These filthy arab savages aren’t worth the time. they read the quran !!!!! One group is as corupt as the next. Arabs, Persians, Muslims, the world would be better if they were all dead.

  10. Michael


    Egypt…. ah they’ll work it out

  11. Jesus Slave

    You are just another person promoting violence and instability that is pro west receives another nobel prize. The western world is going to pay for the problems they caused in the world.

  12. Kristi

    This has nothing to do with us. If you guys are man enough to protest then man up and do this thing on your own. Quit calling the US to say something, it’s your country. I can’t stand it when ppl complain that the US likes to get into other ppls business and to stay out but then when they need help who do they call for.

  13. Brad

    It’s a tough situation, do we get involved and put Egyptians at risk, or do we let them handle it. I saw we let the egyptian people handle the situation and we must support their decision. If we go in there, we will be considered tyrants by much of the world, and an easy target for militant muslims

  14. Eddie Clarson

    I just spoke to my friend who lives in Alexandria, who is Greek. He said that it is chaotic out there, but its a popular revolution. Everyone is protesting, Muslims, Christians Copts, Greeks, Armenians, nomads…. this is there quest to freedom. They have brought up on several occasions that the islamists can take power. But this isn’t a islamist movement, it is a human movement. He told me people are tired of the police state, they are tired of corruption. They are tired of having to bribe a police officer to park in a good spot, or drive on a certain road. They want to have a chance in this world, and have only seen it get worse while the rest of the world improved. Remember everyone poverty breeds religious fundamentalism, and it has happened here and across the middle east. These leaders and dictators used the religion to stay in power, they put fear in the people through religion, and western countries supported this system to keep a sense of stability since the economy runs on oil. Now thirty years later, in Tunisia, in Egypt, Potentially next in Yemen, Jordan, Syria even in Iran again we can see people start demanding a better life. So all you people out their blaming religion, go read a book, go learn about geo politics, maybe then you will see its people just wanting their basic rights. Why do you think the American revolution was fought or the French revolution? Sure ignorance is bliss and we sure have a lot of it here in our country USA, but people its time we join the world and understand it. Other countries aren’t just there so we can play chess with them…

  15. Doctor Who

    Obama help with democracy? He’s looting us like mummies in Cairo! He’s a COMMIE who hates equality cept for his billionaire banker and cartel pals!! The ones who are pillaging the taxpayers!!!!

  16. Mr. Israel

    What the hell is going on over there?

    this is not good for israel, the israeli army should take over egypt and this is will solve the problem.

  17. Sandra

    Help them now, they drive planes into our buildings later.

  18. Mike

    What the heck???? Why can’t they handle their own problems? Go ask Russian, China or someone else. When stuff hits the fan, half of the world comes to the US for help. But when there are no issues, they hate the US. Crazy world.

  19. Bruce

    Climate Change and Politics is a little more complex than these simplistic posts make out. Obama is brilliant. Leave it to him. GO Egypt!

  20. Anna

    We must support freedom! Power to the citizen soldiers of Egypt!

  21. Ghost Writer

    I say let them handle their own problems. Why does everyone call on the U.S. for something and others just hate us. We’re always good when they need us for something. We need to worry about whats going on at home and let others take care of themselves.

    Every time we but in we loose lives and loose money. Not worth it. Its ok to stay on good terms with other countries but when it comes to government issues, deal with it. We have to.

  22. Kiera

    So the US favors democracy except for when other countries want democracy. Nice. I dont care about the administration’s slick lines telling Mubarak to embrace democratic reforms. 1.5 billion dollars directly to him says it all (I’m sure it is to defend some corporate or other interest of the top tier US). Come on government!!! You want to cry about spending and give our money away at the same time? I am so sick of hearing this bull@#$%. How come Americans dont riot in the streets? It’s disgusting.

  23. Johnny

    America’s influence is everywhere around the world. When there is any political issue anywhere in the world, America’s shadow is there. I am curious how America makes it.

  24. Albert

    I DO CARE..

    We can’t get our troops out of Iraq, Why send the rest to Egypt?

  25. Nancy

    Why would it be Obama’s role to tell Mubarak what to do.The Muslim World should take care of their business. If I were Obama, I will leave it up to to the Muslim countries to get involved. USA has a lot of problems that Obama has to take care of and Egypt problem is the least of them.

    Obama, take all the aids USA is giving to Egypt and other Muslim countries plus Israel and distribute them to Americans who are unemployed (not to illegal aliens) or invest them in the US Economy which is faltering at this time.

  26. Math

    LMFAO!!! …El Baradei is asking Obama to make a principled decision based on core values…..Obama is flipping coins right now to decide what to do.

  27. Monica

    It’s so sad to think that the people of egypt might have a little hope in their hearts because they think that your government might help them. NOT HELP THEIR GOVERNMENT, but help their people. but it’s so sad to see that all you guys have done, is bash them.

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