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Social and Human Security

Posted by on Mar 19, 2011 in Sustainability | 8 comments

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If Social Security is mentioned in, it is meant in a European sense and not in the American one. Some call it Human Security (1), which is also valid. The difference is, that Human Security is about the individual and his place in society is not defined. Social Security is about the security of the individual in society. Social security has nothing to do with Welfare. It is rather about, how secure is my place in society?

This is best achieved, by supplying jobs!

One has a job, ones status in society is secure. That is the meaning of Social Security. The best would be, if the jobs could help to save technical energy. Instead of using a machine, let a person do the work.

An example, in a big kitchen, cooking for hundred’s of people, things have to be lifted. Pretty heavy, a soup and the height is 1-2 meters. Is an electric lift really necessary, or could the work been done manually with a winch? That was the way it was done a mere hundred, and less, years ago. How much energy could be saved with such a stance?

The initial investment in such a kitchen could be much smaller, since the electrical cables must not be installed and the electric lift is, it never is, cheap. Since almost all aspects of manual labor has become, or is becoming, technicized, human being has evolved to a button pusher. All the work is done by a machine, so people have to work out or jog, so the body is moved at all.

The less techology is used in society, the more jobs are created. Some will say, those jobs are so called Mc Jobs (2). Low level work without need for elaborate training.

But who can claim, that the street sweeper, the garbage man and the sewage worker are less important, than for instance, a medical doctor. Without the city hygienists, society would need more doctors. Who would recommend to keep the city clean!

This is not the only aspect. Modern society is not sustainable. There seems to be no dissent about this point, too much is talked about sustainable Development. To limit this to the, so called, development countries is not right. In regard to sustainable development, also the highly technicized countries are developing countries. These countries have a pretty high base unemployment rate. In most countries it is slightly less than 10% of the over all work force. In the 80th of the last century the talk in the academic, political and economic circles was the Service Society. A society, which is less industrial and a big part of the work force is simply rendering services. The question is, why don’t we allow long term unemployed people to work in such Mc Jobs. It would be better for the self esteem to earn a fair salary, than to be dependent on welfare. Money could be saved and the vicious circle of unemployment and poverty could be broken.

Retired people the forgoten human resource.

Why is it, that elderly women and men, who have raised a bunch of children and are retired, could not be asked to watch out for children in nursing homes? Thus the retired people still have a task. The shift could be a mere 2 hours, in which the people have a tea and a talk. And at the same time watch out for the children. The same Social Service could be rendered could be in nursing homes as well. Also it does not have to be limited to elderly people, handicapped people could to the same.

This would be a practical integration of all parties involved. The retired people would not feel useless and the handicapped people would come more into the center of society. As of now, those people are concentrated in special work shops, somewhere at the outskirts of town. And the children would learn, that there are other old people as your grand parents and also handicapped people. All the people, healthy or not, old and young are part of society and the children have to learn every aspect of life. Thus they children would also learn to take responsibility, because they will be watching the elderly and needy.

To integrate people in social services, would help to ease the burden of the nurses. Who could allocate more time for the really hard cases.

This is true Social Security.

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