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Smoking and Climate Change!

Posted by on Apr 1, 2010 in Climate Change | 5 comments

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Human Volcano

All us, who reads this post, is inclined to stop polluting and destroying nature.

If one is serious about it but smokes tobacco s/he should consider to break this nasty habit.

First, it is healthy to stop smoking, or so my doctor tells me.

In the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Keanu Reeves says as an alien to humans, that we treat nature as we treat ourselves.

Second it saves a lot of money.

As it is with addiction no really cares about money or health. The instant pleasure and satisfaction of smoking, the collective experience in a group, the cup of coffee to it or the cigarette after, is paramount to giving it up.

In the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008), Keanu Reeves, as the alien, says to Jennifer Connelly, that we humans treat nature as we treat ourselves. He implied with it that humans are separated from nature.

All smokers united probably emit as much smoke as a medium sized volcano. All year round, every day!

One other very important point is, all the used filter add up to tons of garbage.

So it would be healthier for nature and smokers as well to give up this nasty habit!

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    Great post, I was addict to cigarettes to and was able to quit so you can do it too..

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  4. Maria G.

    The Day the Earth Stood Still is a very good movie by the way, the idea that we are killing is planet is veyr real.

  5. Steven

    Tobacco Biofuel for All Your Energy Needs? The reason tobacco hasn’t been considered for use as a biofuel until now is because the enzymes needed to break the plant matter down into ethanol have been prohibitively expensive. The researchers at UCF have found a way around this by taking the genes from certain enzyme-producing plants and inserting them into the genomes of tobacco plants. Eureka! The researchers note that the cost of the enzyme-snipping process is 1000-3000 times cheaper than using comparable enzymes from fungi. You read right. 1000-3000 times cheaper. This makes tobacco a uniquely appealing source of renewable energy. It could be efficient to produce and have an added public health benefit.

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