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Nesseq has got lately some comments about the situation in Gaza. This website is strictly non-political, but I strongly believe, that I have an obligation to let my
readers know where I stand in such a acute and violent situation.

This will be the first and last post to this topic, since Nesseq is about Climate Change and nothing else. Also, I will not publish anymore comments, which are not relating to Nesseq itself.

First of all, I am against a Palestinian state as much as I oppose the state of Israel. My dream would be a Bi-national
state with full autonomy for all parties. Jews, Moslems, Christians and all the others.
A dreamer you may say, but I shouldn’t be the only one!
It seems absurd to strive for Mini-states in a globalized world. The USA and now Europe show us the way it will be in the future. A world consisting of continental blocks instead of small countries!

But whatever the possibilities and opportunities of the future will be, the present is the most important stage of history.
And here I have to admit that the root of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is Zionism. None of the theoreticians of this
peculiar ideology has ever thought of how to live with the non-Jewish population of the land in which they wanted to settle.
This almost 2000 years after the Jews had to leave their Holy Land. Almost 2000 years the Jews promised to come back after
the arrival of the Messiah. For almost 2000 years the Jews did not have any national aspirations.
And at the end of the 19. century some secular Jews in Europe invented Zionism and changed the rules of the game in the
middle of the game. Totally ignoring and without without even talking to the other party, the Palestinians.
The result was the conflict.

After the end of World War II and the Holocaust it was decided by the international community, that Palestine should be
divided between the Jews and the Palestinians. The Arab countries did not agree to it and started the War of Independence.
Of course, as seen from the Israeli Point of view. The Palestinians see it understandably different, for them it was the
Naqba – the Catastrophe.
In this war the Israelis gained more land, but it was internationally recognized. In 1967, in the Six Day War, the Israelis
conquered the West-bank and Gaza. Also the Sinai, which was eventually returned to  Egypt.

Now, at the year 2010, 43 years later, the situation has not changed much for the Palestinians. Even after the Israelis

left Gaza in 2005, the Israelis are in full control of the situation, as the incident on the Miva Marmara proves. Why does a civilian ship trying to bring without teal need material into Gaza? Because the people in Gaza need the material. That’s why the tunnels are being dug. About 80% of the material reaching Gaza is coming through the tunnels. The source is the UN, although I can’t name a date.

Today Israel is a recognized member of the international community. The only member which controls another people and which
openly admits that it will not give up control for ever.

Only in this manner can the siege of Gaza, the Separation Wall and the building in the Westbank and in East-Jerusalem be
understood. The latest idea of Mr. Netanyahoo, only a couple of weeks ago, was to keep a corridor in the east of the future Palestine, so the Palestinians will not be able to smuggle weapons. But won’t have any other border but Israel!
Total control of a whole people for ever.

Israel demands of the Palestinians to enter the dialog with the Israelis without preconditions. O.K., but in the meantime
Israel is creating facts in the occupied territories.
This is the very example of a double standard, of speaking with two tongues. All this happens with the consent of the USA,
which almost never agree officially with the politics of Israel but always vetos the decisions of the UN-Security Council
which condems Israeli politics in Palestine.
One thing shouldn’t be overlooked, the siege of Gaza is not only the responsibility of the Israelis. Egypt and the
Palestinian Authorities are part to it.

While Israel complains of a international and civilian intervention, it forgets that the Zionists in the 1940th also broke
the sea blockades of the British Mandate. Also the indifference of the world population to the suffering of the Jewish
at the same times are not forgotten by the Israelis.
Many people in the world have learned from history and won’t let inhumanities take place in this world for too many years.

But when the people who are not indifferent to the suffering of the people of Gaza try to break the siege,
the Israelis behave in much the same manner as any other nation that is besieging a area – with violence.
They send Navy Seals in the middle of the night against civilians. Even if the civilians are ready for violence. The Seals
are trained to kill, the civilians not.
Nine civilians were killed!

The violence of the passenger as not much more violent as any violent demonstration.
As I write this article, the television news reported, that there is a violent demonstration between the settlers of Bet El, in the West-bank, and the police. Also very much rememered are the happenings during the violent eviction of the 8500 settlers in 2005 Gaza by the army and police. No Jewish resister was shot and they were later amnestied.

This post could go on for ever, so I will end it with a final remark.
And as  long as the present  conflict goes on, no one in the area cares about a changing climate. The same principle applies
as the point of Nesseq, Social Security!
The Palestinians have one advantage, their infrastructure is almost non-existent and therefore they could built in
every neighborhood a TOTEM System! With all the economic and social benefits connected to it!
My advice to the Palestinians would be, swallow your anger and oppose the occupation with non-violent means.
If the Israelis blockade your movements, start to blockade their streets with a human chain!
And always take care to have enough media coverage.

Shma' Israel, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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