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Posted by on Feb 1, 2011 in Sustainability | 13 comments

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Although about 100 people regrettably lost their lives in the unrests in Egypt, the movement itself is very encouraging. The people are taking their fate into their own hands. The people decide in a non-violent manner, to change a political system. God speed to the people of Egypt and may they succeed, just as the people in Tunisia have succeeded.

History offers some examples, how people succeeded in changing history in a non-violent manner. Mahatma Gandhi is the leading figure, the Monday demonstrations in Eastern Germany at the end of the 1980thare another fine example. Just last month it happened in Tunisia and right now it is happening in Egypt. May many more countries follow this examples. Get rid of dictators and improve your life’s. This might also be a viable way to reduce the mass of political refugees.

But what about the democracies in the affluent societies?

Don’t they need changes too? Changes, which could be brought about without to go onto the streets and without any danger of violence. One way the people, in the affluent societies, could change their societies is through economic endeavors. An alternative economy does not look for profit maximization, but for a healthy profit. Both in a monetary sense, as well, as in an ecological context. Less money profits but a substantial gain in the quality of living.

What is must be done?

The social situation in the affluent societies are not as good as people in the rest of the world want to believe. One of the problems is the state of employment. High figures in the unemployment rate are common. As far as Nesseq is concerned, this is the worst case of energy waste. Instead of people working, maschines do the job and the people are sitting redundant at home. For this situation the citizens are also to be blamed. It is not enough to trust the politicians to solve the problem of unemployment. If they really wanted and could solve this problem, they would have solved it already. A certain percentage of unemployment is regarded as inevitable in modern society. Full employment seems to be impossible.

Is this so?

Even this base unemployment could be cut short. If the people would take their affairs into their own hands a lot of working places could be created. Again, the key to solve the problem is to abdicate the idea of profit maximization and to create jobs in the ecological-social fields. Be it Vegan restaurants or car rentals with the Ultra Light City Vehicles (ULCV). With the ULCV town taxis could be organized, which would close the gaps in public transportation. These are only two ideas, there are a lot more possibilities out there! For such endeavors money must be organized. The Loan Guaranty Fund (LGF) could be such an instrument. We just have to establish it in our cities.

Actually the LGF already exists. Although on a different, more obscure level, and it bugs everyone of us. Taxes!

Every Timeour political and economic leaders have Effed up again, we, the citizens are being burdened with higher taxes and state guarantees for economically sick industry. The national debt is in billions and trillions and far removed from our daily life. Still the debts of the state must be eventually be paid back by the citizens. Simply the taxes will be raised again.

The LGF is, comparatively, small money and lies in the local banks. With1.000 members and with 1.000 US-Dollars or Euros investment per member for 10 years the LGF would give a guaranty for credits for ecological and social projects. Together with Sweat Equity, this means that people do what is necessary by themselves and don’t delegate the work to someone they have to pay. This would be the a tangible start for a sustainable future. The principles of the LGF and taxes are almost the same and the differences are the size and the proximity to the funds. Also taxes are not being paid back. The investment in the LGF is being paid back after the agreed time.

If 1.000 LGF’s, with 1.000 member each, will exist in one country 1 billion bucks will be ready for investment. This will change society profoundly, without violence! It must be hoped, that the citizens of this world will learn from the people in Tunisia and Egypt!

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