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Sanders vs. Clinton

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Pushing the MailboxOn 19th of June (1) published an article by Bill Curry (2). Mr. Curry is, or was, a politician, an adviser to president Clinton the First. Now Mr. Curry writes for Salon. Mr. Curry accomplished to endorse Bernie Sanders without insulting Hillary Clinton. Good job, Mr. Curry. The headline alone tells the whole story. The trap is set for Clinton because the future belongs to Sanders. Or rather to the ideas he is running on and Ms. Clinton still believes in the old ways, which led us to the situation we are in right now. Not the best of all possibilities.
Bernie Sanders is so far the guy, among all the people running for president, to draw the biggest crowds. It seems a lot of people like the ideas of Mr. Sanders.
Again, as non-american I can’t endorse a candidate, but let me tell you why I am rather worried. Among the Republicans the guy I can relate to his stance of Climate Change is Lindsey Graham. (3) At least e does not deny Climate Change, but his ideas how to get the Near East to become, all of the sudden, peaceful is not based on reality. Sanders and Clinton have the same problem. I have to admit, that my heart is closer to the Democrats, I would not endorse either for the same reason I would reject Graham. Clinton’s idea of how to solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is being hindered already by limiting the peaceful potential of what the Palestinians can do. Ms. Clinton has committed herself against the BDS
movement. (4) Which the Palestinians see as a legitimate see as a legitimate political tool. It worked in South-Africa, why should’t it work for the Palestinians. It is undeniably a peaceful tool and if people refuse to buy Israeli products it is well within their rights.
With political moves like that and the perspective for peace in this region remains bleak. The mask of a honest broker has been taken off. The the maneuverability of the Palestinians has been reduced and Israel has won time. How does Ms. Rodham-Clinton think the Palestinians, and the Muslim world, will feel about it? Perhaps Ms. Rodham-Clinton should waste a thought or two about the inherent arrogance she inadvertently showed the Palestinians, specifically, and the Muslim world in general. It is not only Palestine, the whole area is a powder keg and everyone is playing with fire.
Mr. Sanders does not let on how he sees the Near East, but I read that he is a staunch supporter of Israel. Mr. Sanders has probably some relatives in Israel, which might taint his perception. Still Mr. Sanders is the best choice because non of the Republicans would be any better for the Near East.*
With this out of the way let’s get back to the article itself. Or rather parts of it. If you want to read the whole story, the link is below. The point of interest for is, what Mr. Curry wrote about Co-Scream if You Dareoperatives, Co-op Banks and so forth. Actually, he just mentioned, that Mr. Sanders is in favor of it.
That’s the way to go and we at are happy, because this is what we for years already propagate. Get organised in your town or neighborhood and establish Co-operatives! (5) Co-operatives are based on a sort of crowd funding. Co-operatives can do everything a corporation can do, and even more. It does not have to be a Farming co-op, it can also be a bank or a restaurant, it can be anything.
The concept of a Co-operative is an old one.(6) Actually it is as old as humanity itself, it is about helping each other. Especially during hard times. No one can survive without the other. The idea of the rugged individual might be good for a movie but it is not realistic. Even in good times we can’t live alone and why should we?
I am a proud member of the Bar Kayma co-operative in Tel Aviv. (7) Although I am only a passive member, I sometimes eat there, but I am not working there or engage in the business activities. The membership fee is 1.000 NIS, about 200-250 Euro/Us-Dollar. For this I pay a certain percentage less than a non-member guest. I am content as it is and I let the young people run the show. I took part in the right thing at the right time.
250 Euro/Dollar is quite a lot of money, but if your goal is sustainability, are the best investment possible. Not monetary profit is important, today Sustainability is the goal!

The Bar Kayma runs a Vegan restaurant. Most ecological way of sustenance.
We have created ten full time jobs and about 20 part time. That’ the Social (Human) Security we in Nesseq love.
With an investment of 250 Euro or Dollar. I can understand, that for most of the people on this world this is to much. This Neo-Co-op movement must start in the wealthy countries.

The possibilities are endless, a network of Co-operatives can be established locally and globally.
Locally, after the first Co-op has broken even a second Co-op can be established. If the first Co-op runs a Reflexionrestaurant an Urban Agriculture co-operative can be established. The new Co-op has already its first customer before the start the business. The idea of establishing a network of co-ops, each with a different task, the infrastructure for a ecological neighborhood could be build organically.

Globally, Co-operatives can build a network around the globe. The Co-ops from the wealthy countries can become sponsors for Co-ops in the poor countries. When such a network exists, job between Co-ops could be swapped. If I want to go to South-America for three month I could swap it with someone and this guy works for me in my Co-operative. Nice way of getting to know another country and it is much cheaper than the conventional form of raveling.
An elegant way of organizing funds could be a Loan Guaranty Fund. The LGF is fund limited to a certain area, like a city. To find in a city of one million people a couple of thousand people, who would be willing to invest about 1.000 US-Dollars into the fund, should be a realistic assessment.

1.000 people invest each 1.000 Us-Dollars/Euro = 1.000.000 Bucks. That’s 1 million Bucks, a lot of money and lot can be done with it. Imagine every city some hundred thousand inhabitants will have one, or more, LGF’s.

The whole point of Co-operatives is self-empowerment. A an individual within a group. We can all together become job creators and therefore should get all the tax exemptions the big investors get. We are not waiting, neither for the Government or corporation to do something for us. We know best what we need and most of it we can do ourselves. And all this with a minimal investment. We just need the will to do it!
If Mr. Curry reported correctly, than Mr. Sanders would be my favorite. Even if Mr. Sanders will not become president he still could be the figurehead of a new movement. And than, perhaps, will Ms. Clinton learn.


Another interesting article by about Mr. Sanders.

*It is strange, that everyone calls the Levante the Middle East. In fact it is the Near East. It is closest to Europe. The Middle East would be India and the surroundings. The Far East is China and Japan.

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