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Rick Perry and the Climate Change

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in Ecology | 8 comments

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the Republican congress woman Michele Bachmann, who would like to be the next president of the USA. At the beginning I thought, that Ms. Bachmann is a special case, a one of her kind. But than I came across some clips on Youtube of the Governor of Texas Rick Perry. Who also wants to be the candidate of the Republicans to run for the presidency of the USA. In the clip Mr. Perry states that he can’t base his economic politics on science, which is not able to settle the dispute between scientists, whether the Climate is Changing or not. Therefore Mr. Perry will continue to use the prevalent source of energy, cheap fossil fuel, to get the economy going. We, at Nesseq, totally agree with you that the economy must flourish. Steady jobs are the only way to social (human) security. As long as the scientific dispute is not settled, it is the duty of every responsible politician to take the worst-case in consideration and not favor the very cause of the worst-case.

The fear-mongering, that ecological politics will cost us jobs is not valid. The jobs will change with the products but still people have to the the work. There is also a fundamental fault in the thinking of Mr. Perry, and Michele Bachmann as well. It is not true, that cheap energy is creating jobs. I can’t show any graphics, but common sense tells me, that if energy is cheap it is more profitable to let a machine do the job, instead of an expensive worker. If the energy price rise, the price for human beings becomes more competitive and jobs are created!

Every politicians must be aware that the industry is always adapting to new situation and that certain industries do not exist anymore. The USA and Europe had once a pretty strong steel and steam engines industries. Karl Marx reported in the 19. century about the textile industry in Manchester (1), which does not exist anymore. Textile today is produced in cheap wage countries. With the decline of this economic branch jobs were killed. But on the other hand, with the new products, new jobs were created. The question today is how to create new jobs in a society in transition?

To wait, as Mr. Perry suggest, for science to prove Climate Change is futile. The problem with science is, that it is in itself a  kind of believe. Until a couple of weeks ago it was scientific dogma, that nothing can exceed the speed of light. Now they found out in the CERN facility in Switzerland, that Neutrinos (2)  do travel faster than light. And all the physicists are at a loss how that can be. Was Albert Einstein wrong? It is one of the principles of science, that a theory is only valid as long as there is not another theory, which explains it better than the old theory. This mean, that even scientists admits, that their knowledge is only tentative. Another, more down to earth example is smoking tobacco. Every medical doctor will tell you, that smoking is not healthy and it causes cancer. This fact is not really true, since a lot of people do smoke and die of other diseases. Both my parents were heavy smokers and both died of other, unrelated, diseases. Does that mean, I can’t trust medicine? The problem is solved, if we look at it as it is. Medicine as a science does not tell us, that smoking causes diseases. It just tells us, that the probability to get sick from smoking is much higher, than if one abstains from this filthy habit. The conclusion for any responsible politician, is to take the possibility of a Climate Change very, very serious. and it does not help to, as Mr. Perry did, accuse scientists of forging their findings in order to prove that the Climate Change is happening. If the Climate is really changing, then the scientific prove might have been a little late, because only a changed climate is the proof. If the climate is not changing, at least we did not take any chances, according to the old saying; Better be careful than sorry!

 For further reading:

1. Manchester Capitalism

2. Speed of Light


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    I have lived in Texas all my life and most of my friends and familly cannot stand Rick Perry i prey to god that he doesnt get the nod to run this country.

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