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Religion and Creation

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EFF the book! And any other book in which people believe. These books, the Bible, the New Testament and the Quran, the scriptures of eternal knowledge, wisdom and justice and whatever god has whispered to the authors of these various books some thousand years ago.
The books were at those times an important stepping stone to the development of civilisation. What was good and necessary then does not give answers to the moral questions of today.
The technological advancements at the time the books were written was slow and painstaking. Until about two hundred years ago, the main engine for human beings were animals. With the invention of the steam engine all this changed. Now we have cars and trains and airplanes. If we could show it to someone who lived two hundred years ago he would believe we are of the devil.

If you show more respect to a book and not to the Creation, than you do not believe in god.
And, it is a pity this has to be mentioned, human beings are part of this creation. As any animal and every plant, as the air and the water and soil. Every mineral and every metal. The earth is a closed circuit.
If one tiny puzzle is missing the whole picture will change. Will a certain, unknown, amount of pieces be missing,Hassan Bek Mosque Tel Aviv nature will rearrange life to fit the new condition.
The question is, will human kind be part of it?
Is the extinction of the human race possible?
Some scientists believe so. Some are proposing to settle on the Moon or even Mars. It begs the question, how many people be able to settle in outer space and what will happen to the rest of humanity?
This solution is neither realistic nor morally right.
About sixty million years ago the Dinosaurs roamed the earth and became extinct. Was it an Asteroid as science tells us that led to the extinction? But, is there any proof for this thesis or are other scenarios also possible?
Or was it rather, that the sheer size of the beasts and the mass of population was unsustainable for nature?

It is quite possible that human beings have reached a similar point in the evolution of the earth. We, as creatures do not have the size of Dinosaurs, but what we lack in size we have in numbers. Exacerbated by technology.
Star of David WindowWhatever led to the extinction of the Dinosaurs, or any other animals or plants – except for the ones eliminated by human activities – does not really matter. It happened because this specie was not fit for survival. Has humanity arrived at the same point, where it can become extinct because of the sheer mass?
No one can say with certainty, but the difference between the Dinosaur and a human is, that we human beings are able to think and to decide. This was not something the Dinosaurs could do, they were damned to extinction. We humans can discern between different situations and can decide which way to go.
Could human beings survive without technology? This is a strange question, because the inception of technology was the invention of the wheel and the utilization of the fire.

We have come a long way since, everything has evolved but religion. The books written thousand of years ago do not tell us to respect nature, the very creation of the god the respective religion touts.

Imagine your luck if someone gives you the chance to stay for an indefinite time in the most luxurious building in the world. You just have to take care of your own needs. You have to work but you stay rent free.
Would you trash the place? Just because it is for free and you have to work? This building is the creation on earth. Which of the books tells us to treat creation with the utmost respect?

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The Internet magazin published an interesting article about the extinction of the Dinosaurs.


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